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At Techgene, we not only provide an intellectually stimulating environment for overall development of individual but also have a fun filled work environment to ensure we bond as a family.”

We are eagerly looking for fresh/experienced and ground-breaking minds who can come on board and transform businesses through innovative and meaningful methods.Dedication towards work will not only strengthen our work environment with knowledge and positivity but will also foster dynamism. Currently, we have job openings in several verticals. Apply to the option for which you consider yourself as the best fit. We await your talent!

Employee Value Proposition

In Techgene family, we empower members to foster collaborative thinking and learning to further drive workplace innovation. By providing opportunities and benefits to grow and prosper, we enrich the lives of our members and their dependents.

  • 1Growth

    We are dedicated to providing a workplace where employees can grow and thrive.

    • Equal opportunities
    • Career advancement
  • 2Learning
  • 3Compensation & Benefits
  • 4Professional development
  • 5Work environment

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