Permanent Staffing

Hiring employees and absorbing them into the work culture of the organization are some standard corporate practices.

A business depends on the skills and commitments of the employees. Thus, recruiting the right people is crucial for the financial success of a business.

Techgene is a leading permanent staffing agency that offers an excellent staffing solution. With over 15 years of experience and expertise, we assure top-notch staffing solutions to small and large enterprises. We have served businesses belonging to different industrial domains. From startups to well-established companies, our permanent staffing solution can elevate the work atmosphere and revenue.

Find the Right Employees

A healthy relationship between the employer and employees leads to success for an organization. Every employee is an investment for an organization. The employers hire them with an expectation that the employees will serve the company for a long time. At times, businesses need contractual employees. But, building a core team of permanent employees is crucial.

At Techgene, we help businesses to find suitable candidates through our proficient permanent staffing services. We have a meticulous and unique screening mechanism to find the most dedicated and skilled employees for the organizations.

Find the <span>Right Employees</span>

How Does it Work?

So, how does the permanent staffing solution of Techgene work? We follow a systematic and strategic approach to ensure top-quality recruitment solutions. Candidates are selected based on their merits, leadership qualities, communication skills, and many more. Find a guide to how our permanent staffing system works in the following section.

  • 1Understanding the Requirements

    When it comes to hiring permanent employees, companies have unique requirements. We understand your needs with precision and provide our service accordingly. Discussing and understanding the requirements well is the first step.

  • 2Creating the Recruitment Plan
  • 3Screening Tests for Candidates
  • 4Interview and Document Verification
  • 5Job Letter and Salary Negotiation

Why Should you Choose Us?

Techgene helps you to find candidates who will prove to be long-term assets for your business. Choosing us for a permanent staffing solution comes with the following benefits.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Techgene has a global reach to provide the right staffing service to employers. You can recruit employees from any part of the world to suit your budget and requirements.



At Techgene, you will find affordable services for direct hire. We assure service that stays within your budget.



We recruit experts for your business with assured productivity. Our permanent staffing ensures better business revenue.

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Our staffing solution comes with legal compliance. We follow the legal guidelines of the states or countries to recruit permanent employees.

Techgene assures quick, seamless, and efficient recruitment solutions with attention paid to meticulous details. Fill the form below to get a call back from our team.

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