Offshore Staffing

A company reaches its goals through the hard work and dedication of its employees.

Depending on financial feasibility and other crucial factors, enterprises have to take different recruitment strategies. A business needs permanent employees, and it may also need temporary employees to manage excessive projects. Nowadays, offshore staffing has become a popular concept.

As a leading offshore staffing agency, Techgene offers satisfactory solutions to employers. We boast of having an extensive network of candidates who seek promising career opportunities. Along with permanent and temporary staffing services, we provide offshore staffing solutions to various businesses.

Permanent and Temporary Offshore Staffing

At Techgene, we help your business to engage and build remote workforce. A remote workforce helps businesses to generate better revenue while reducing expenses. At Techgene, we offer both permanent and temporary offshore staffing solutions.

You can build a remote workforce on a long-term contract with our staffing service. At the same time, companies may need offshore employees to deal with a few particular projects. Thus, we also provide offshore staffing services on short-term contracts. We are committed to finding the best talents to meet your business requirements. Our offshore staffing solution will fetch financial success for your business.

Permanent and Temporary  <span>Offshore Staffing</span>

The Benefits of Offshore Staffing

Many businesses have realized the value of offshore hiring. In the IT sector, offshore recruitment is a common practice. However, the practice is not limited to one or two sectors. Offshore recruitment can help many industries such as banking, finance, legal consultancy, real estate, healthcare, and many more. Find some benefits of Techgene’s offshore staffing in the following section.

  • 1Reduced Expenses

    Small enterprises have small office space and limited resources. Companies need to expand their workplaces before hiring new employees. Offshore recruitment helps companies to reduce expenses.

  • 224-Hour Business Functioning
  • 3Dedicated Staff
  • 4Quick Recruitment

Why Techgene?

Why should you choose Techgene for recruiting virtual employees? Find a few reasons
to choose our offshore recruitment solution.

Top-quality Screening

Top-quality Screening

We use a multi-layered screening mechanism to find the best talents for a company. Dedicated, skilled, and professional virtual staff will contribute to the growth of your business.

Custom Staffing

Custom Staffing

Techgene offers flexible and profound staffing solutions. We understand your requirements and serve your needs. Our virtual staffing service is available to clients as per their requirements.

Vast Network

Vast Network

Having spent more than 15 years in recruitment services, and thus we have a vast network of skilled personnel for different industries. We can fetch the best talents in a short period for your company.

Affordable Service

Affordable Service

We offer affordable offshore recruitment solutions. Companies look for virtual staff to reduce overhead expenses. We help your business to make better revenue through affordable offshore staffing.

So, develop and manage your dedicated offshore development center with the staffing solutions offered by us. If you want to know more about our services, fill up your details in the form below.

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