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Fitting you to the right job and employer is our responsibility. Our friendly and dedicated team of recruiters aim to clearly understand your employment requirements, before assisting you to reach them.

We are an employment agency that visions to enrich the lives of people by helping them find a job and getting hired in their desired field. Our Training and Placement program assist you to polish your skills and upgrade your career.

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We aim to develop a more effective and efficient way to service our clients. Based in the US and India, Techgene aims to connect the perfect candidate to the perfect job. With an extended client base across the globe, Techgene is able to offer a high-calibre suite of manpower opportunity, no matter what your industry is.

Techgene is your connection between opportunity and success. Whether searching for contract employees or permanent, we have made it our responsibility to revolutionise the recruitment process. Techgene belives in to Be quick, be swift and be ready for business. Choose Techgene for recruitment services.

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