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How to Support Your Employees’ Mental Health?

September 08, 2022

One in five U.S. adults may deal with some mental illness in any given year. However, barely one-third of those in need receive assistance. As a result, several people would either work late or not get as much done on the job. If individuals go to work when physically or mentally unwell, this is presenteeism. Perhaps the ideal area to promote and assist employees' mental health is at work, where stress is one of the leading causes of mental health problems.


Much like a virus, mental health in the workplace is contagious. Employees, especially managers, have the potential to "spread" certain emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral tendencies to their coworkers. Creating effective employee management and other activities can change the overall look.


Why is it important to support employees' mental health?

Having mental health policies in place for employees improves the overall working environment. You may want to promote and emphasize workplace mental health for the following reasons:

  • Better ROI

It's not all terrible news, either. The World Health Organization (WHO) has calculated that the cost of depression and the accompanying lost income come to close to 1 trillion dollars. The WHO also discovered that the money spent on mental health care has an almost 4-fold return on investment. Indeed, the money spent will bring a return threefold.

  • Increase Productivity 

When managers work towards employee management, there is certainly some increase in productivity. They give more time to the work.

  • Better Retention

Workplace wellness is related to more than just productivity. When companies start working toward employees’ mental health, there are positive signs. Women and parents, in particular, are more likely to stay in their professions when they prioritize their health.


Top ways to promote the mental health of employees

Employee wellbeing is important, and you, as a manager, can work on different aspects of the employee's betterment. Some of the ways to improve the mental health of employees include:

  • Offering Mental Health Training

Access to treatment and mental health services isn't enough; you must take further steps. Employees frequently ask for training on where to go and how to use these resources, even if you offer coverage for mental and behavioral health issues. Managers need to learn to recognize the symptoms of diseases, including anxiety, depression, and other prevalent mental illnesses, and work towards treating them appropriately.

  • Considering Employee Needs

Do not forget that not every employee has the same needs. There are currently five generations working today. We all have different demands, whether Gen Z is starting their careers or experiencing delayed retirement because of the COVID-19 crisis's economic effects. Ensure that wellness and benefits plans take into account a multigenerational workforce.

  • Including Mental Health Coverage

Make sure that the mental health care you receive has adequate support from your health insurance. Numerous alternative therapies assist with both physical and emotional health. Consider both conventional medicine and complementary therapies like massage and chiropractic care.

  • Implementing Free Communication to Reduce Stigma

Be truthful when discussing your physical and emotional wellbeing. You are not required to provide every detail of your private life. It can be incredibly reassuring to say, "I feel content," or "I'm having a tough day." Being trustworthy with your bosses and teams fosters productivity. Tell them it's okay to have a bad day.

  • Promoting Well-Being of Company Culture

One of the employee welfare activities managers can do is to celebrate the positive self-care practices of the team. Organize walking events, and remind them of the wellness and lifestyle benefits included in their benefits package. Allow them to maintain a healthy work-life balance and make time for their mental wellbeing. Make it clear to your staff that you respect their productivity and wellbeing, and highlight that they don't have to compromise for one.

  • Promoting Resources

Many organizations promote physical fitness through events like tournaments. Make certain programs like yoga or meditation available to improve emotional wellness. Make your staff aware of available mental health resources, and encourage them to use them. According to Qualtrics research, over 46% of employees claim their firms have not actively shared any available mental health resources.

  • Embracing Positivity

When leaders follow empathy, optimism, and trust in the workplace, work becomes a positive experience rather than one that is anxious. One of the best ways to foster happiness, a sense of belonging, and purpose is using tools like Work human's Social Recognition. Some of the ways to do this are:

  • Sync up culture and individuals with the goal
  • Decrease voluntary attrition
  • Increase participation


Always try to spread happiness


  • Make sure that everyone's schedule has as much wiggle room as possible.
  • Provide access to stress-relieving and sleep-inducing apps.
  • Think of facilitating workplace meditation and/or mindfulness training and/or yoga.
  • You should strongly encourage your staff to take advantage of their vacation time. Some businesses achieve this by capping the amount of holiday time one can carry over to the following year.
  • To make employees who have taken a leave of absence due to mental health issues feel welcome and supported upon their return to work, it is essential to provide reasonable accommodations and establish a return-to-work process.


To come to the point,

Once the organization starts adopting mental fitness activities, employees will need time to adjust. Employers must meet workers where they are and provide a compassionate and supportive workplace. Employees must become the company's focus for it to survive and prosper. We get more than just a competitive advantage at work by developing awareness of our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. It provides us with the foundation we need to lead more independent lives.

To support your employees' mental health, you as an employer should also stay healthy, stress free, and at peace. Contact the best staffing company today and handover your recruitment stress to us.


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