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How to hire a cloud architect?

October 13, 2022

The pandemic caused an increased demand for cloud experts as all businesses are bound to find new ways to move forward while the world announces restrictions on people's movement and travel. Many businesses have invested in digital platforms to transition from office space to remote working seamlessly. It means that cloud service providers are in huge demand, which they should fulfill by hiring skilled people in cloud computing.


Cloud computing delivers services such as storage, networking, servers, analytics database, intelligence, and software over the cloud. It required some components and subcomponents, including a cloud-based delivery, a front-end platform, back-end platforms, and a network.


Who is a cloud architect?

A cloud architect is an IT professional responsible for converting a project's technical requirements from the client into the design and architecture for the final product. They are also responsible for filling the gaps between complex business problems and their solutions in the cloud.


What skills and qualities should you look for in a cloud architect?

Generally, cloud architects have a vast understanding of cloud computing and other technical areas. It would help if you looked for these qualities and skills when you hire a cloud architect including:


  • Programming language

A competent cloud architect has extensive coding or programming knowledge. You should ensure they can use these languages, including Perl, C#, Ruby, .NET, and Python. These programming languages are essential for them to execute duties efficiently.


A skilled cloud architect can use various programming languages to develop a proof of prototype to show the working and application of the latest technologies.


  • Networking and data centers

A key function of the cloud architect is to devise a strategy to move systems hosted in a data center to the cloud. You should check the knowledge of cloud architects about data center and networking technologies.

Inspect the specialty of cloud architects in various fields of networking. Most are specialists in private line-based networking, switches, internet protocol addressing, software-defined networking, routing protocols, and load balancers.


  • Communication

Cloud architects must communicate with various cloud developers, stakeholders, and administrators. You should also consider the communication skill of the potential cloud architect. Ensure they understand the client's business requirements and convey their ideas to clients.


You can check the verbal and written communication of the potential cloud architect to ensure they can help you share information in a precise and efficient manner.


  • Leadership

Strong leadership is also essential for a successful cloud architect, as they often lead a team. A cloud architect needs to create a baseline of existing systems before starting their work for a client. This system requires a large team of cloud engineers to evaluate the client's method correctly. Hence, cloud architects must have leadership qualities to manage the team.


  • Operating systems

A skilled cloud architect has an in-depth understanding of operating systems and their working. Ensure that the cloud architect knows these operating systems, including Windows, Linus, Unix, and Ubuntu. Many companies use technology hiring to identify the quality technical knowledge of operating systems from the source pipeline.


  • Security

Cloud offers physical and network security. Different services help in the management of network security for several cloud platforms. Hence, security plays an essential role in cloud computing. When hiring a cloud architect, ensure they understand how to handle, identify, and access network security and management using encryption and firewalls.


  • Architecture and design

Usually, cloud architects are experts in end-to-end system design. A skilled cloud architect knows how to use technology to address and solve customers' problems. You should hire an IT professional, as they are typically experts in all existing and legacy systems in the data center and the network.


  • Attention to detail

When creating a cloud system solution for a client's business problem, cloud architects must consider many factors. A cloud architect must review every aspect and detail before starting to plan for a cloud system. So when hiring a cloud architect, you should consider their concentration capability as it can boost the overall quality of their work.


  • Sales skills

Cloud architects also identify the type of service and solutions for customers' project requirements. They must have the ability to sell the design to the customer. You should also keep the sales skills of the cloud architect into account as they need to sell the solutions to customers, management, and internal stakeholders.


The Bottom Line

When hiring a Cloud Architect, ensure they have a strong technical background in their resume. Get updated on the latest technology skill sets and expectations a Cloud Architect must have. Interview the potential Cloud Architect and check the certification course, as some concentrate on cloud architecture while some focus on specific cloud platforms. 


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