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How Remote Working Culture Has Helped Women Around The World?

March 18, 2022

Work from home jobs was not so prevalent before, but it has become like a dime a dozen for the last few years. When the whole world was compelled to stay indoors during coronavirus, a new tradition for remote jobs became existent.

Although it isn't very easy for companies to allow their employees to stay back and work from their homes, companies have now started the process of remote hiring. Work from home jobs have not just shown how productive they can be; it has also helped women around the globe in many ways.

The tradition of remote working has been like a blessing in disguise for women to handle their work and home simultaneously. Earlier, many women had to drop their jobs, leave their careers for the sake of rearing their children, look after their family, and carry out household chores. This problem arose with married women, but it did not just limit the problems to them.

Many women have become independent and make their earnings through their remote jobs.

Many families don't allow their girls to step out of their homes and pursue their careers. For such women, too, work from home jobs have helped a lot.

Here are some points that prove how remote working culture has helped women worldwide:


There has always been a huge concern for safety among working women. Almost 60% of women who go to the office face physical harassment and mental harassment from their co-workers or employers. Although there are many laws implemented against women's harassment in their workplace, such women still have to face such annoying people at their workplace.

The tradition of remote working has provided safety to women. They can easily work at home without worrying about facing any physical abuse. It also reduces their stress and enhances their productivity.

Enhanced productivity

While experiencing the comfort of working from their own home, women can focus more on their job. They get a more peaceful environment, comfortable workspace, and they don't need to face bothersome people who directly or indirectly distract them with their abusive actions and gestures. Besides, women who have children at home are often worried about them and often fail to concentrate on their job, leading to low output and productivity.

More savings

Commuting from their home to the office often costs a lot of bucks. While in the case of work-from-home jobs, women aren't required to travel anywhere, and they can save more money. Apart from saving their travel cost, they can also save other costs including canteen expenses, etc. They can utilize their savings in many ways to help their family in many ways.

No need for sick leaves

Women often feel uncomfortable during their periods of pregnancy. According to a survey it is seen that 13.8% of women throughout the globe take sick leave during the first two days of their menstrual cycle because they don't feel comfortable traveling or working in their office due to their pain. Many women are compelled to take leave during their pregnancy, even early, for their comfort.

When women work from home, they can work in a comfortable environment and easily adjust to their pain and problems by implementing many techniques. Hence, when women get the opportunity to work from home, they don't require any sick leave, especially during periods. 

Flexible timings

As most women have to manage their household chores and their job, it becomes easier for them to allot the appropriate timing to their job. Women who work from home enjoy the bliss of flexible timing. Especially, those who work as freelancers can work according to their time slot whenever they feel comfortable and are free.

They also get some time for themselves, but when they work from the office, their life becomes very hectic, and they have to follow a tight schedule. It also impacts their health adversely as they cannot take care of themselves while taking care of their entire family and job altogether.

Work-Home balance

It is especially beneficial for married women who look after their families. They can look after their children while working or take short breaks when needed. Such women get the opportunity to handle both easily.

More family time

Although it is a good thing to become independent and earn their own money, the sad part is that they cannot allow their time to their families. Many parents have to leave their children at home, either with a maid or babysitter. Many couples have their aged parents at home, and they cannot take care of them due to their office job. Many women have small babies who need care but owing to their job, women cannot take proper care of their children.

There are many cases where small children were tortured, kidnapped, or even killed by their babysitters.

In such cases, they are compelled to leave their children with a babysitter that may not always be safe. It becomes bothersome for many parents, and in the end, they are forced to leave their job. Eventually, the woman is asked to stay back home and look after her child.

Women can easily look after their children and work without getting bothered about their child's safety. They can allot more time to their families by staying around them and helping them when required. For such cases, remote working is an excellent opportunity.

More opportunities for every woman

Many women don't join a job and pursue their careers because they are expected to stay at home and care for their families. Many conservative families don't allow women to work and interact with people, especially married women. Women lose their battle in such cases and drop the idea of working outside. For such women, they can easily take a work from home job and start pursuing their career from the comfort of their home. It also doesn't offend their families, and they easily allow them to work and make their own money. Once they can earn, they can make their own identity and even respect their family members. Work from home jobs bring a basket of opportunities for every woman.

No involvement in office politics or gossips

Many women wish to refrain from getting involved in office politics or gossip as they find it so stressful. While, when people in the office gather together, they may discuss people and mock their employers or co-workers. In the case of work from home jobs, women who like avoiding office politics get the opportunity to stay away from it and work without any distraction.

More confidence

Wondering how work-from-home jobs can boost the confidence level in women? It may not be quite relatable, but there are many instances where women are bullied by their male counterparts. Few of the males in offices don't like seeing women doing better than them and hence start demotivating them, making useless allegations, and judging her in many ways.

In the case of work from home jobs, women don't face any such issues as they don't need to face such people. They enjoy their work and do it without getting judged. When she makes her earnings, she feels more confident and happy, and the happiness she gets while working from home also makes her feel happier.

With the entire scenario transforming for good, work from home jobs has become one of the best options for women worldwide. Not just for women, but even men have gained a lot of great experiences while working from home.

However, every coin has two sides, so one can't conclude that working from home has many disadvantages. There are some disadvantages too, but those who know time management and are disciplined can make work from home jobs a success. Some of the major issues women face while remote working are mismanagement of time, lack of discipline, and too much expectation from their family.

If a woman works from her office, her family adjusts accordingly and manages to do much work by themselves. Still, seeing women around themselves, they become lethargic and expect women to handle both their job and home activities simultaneously, which leads to lots of distraction and low productivity.


However, these are mere issues that can be handled by talking to their family members and managing their time in their way. The advantages of work-from-home jobs are limitless for women and have helped them live a sorted, stress-free, and happy life. The joy of financial independence and staying around family members can't be overseen in the case of work from home jobs.

If you are a woman looking to restart your career or a work-from-home job, head to our careers page!



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