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Explore the world of Mobile Recruitment

October 13, 2021

Smartphones are used by clever recruiters to locate prospects. Mobile recruitment is quickly becoming a need. The practice of contacting and engaging with potential applicants using portable devices and mobile technologies is known as mobile recruiting. Mobile recruiting has developed as a new recruitment technique due to the fast proliferation of cell phones. This is a very good concept used by recruiters to find the best candidates.

What is Mobile Recruitment?

Mobile recruiting is a type of recruitment that is carried out via mobile or handheld technologies. An effective mobile recruiting procedure guarantees that the candidate finds and applies for a suitable position using mobile devices.

Mobile recruiting is the process of discovering active and passive applicants using mobile career pages, mobile job advertisements, and mobile recruitment applications. Mobile recruitment has two significant advantages.

First, Instead of trying these duties to the office, they may be done remotely, such as scheduling interviews, offering internal feedback, communicating with applicants, and more. Second, it enables the recruiting staff to reach out to applicants remotely and via mobile devices, which candidates are increasingly reliant on.

Let's take a look at what the statistics say:

Let's start with some statistics to gain a sense of the mobile recruitment landscape. In terms of modern-day job seekers:

1. More than 90% of them utilize their mobile devices to seek their ideal employment.

2. Around 89% feel mobile devices are an important component of the job search process.

Apps for Mobile Recruiting: 

Mobile recruitment apps enable the use of recruiting tools on mobile devices. Posting new openings, evaluating resumes and application profiles, contacting applicants directly from the app, leaving comments and @mentioning other recruiting team members, authorizing new opportunities, and extending job offers are all examples of capabilities. The most sophisticated applications allow end-users to access all of the recruiting software's features via a mobile-optimized user interface.

Wrap Up

Shifting to a fully mobile recruitment process is a time-consuming but profitable process for organizations looking to hire better candidates faster. With a long-overdue need to change the recruiting process, mobile recruitment may be a lifesaver in the dwindling talent market for everyone from candidates to hiring managers and even leadership teams.

Once implemented, a mobile recruiting process can and will assist recruiters and Human Resources personnel in ways that will revolutionize recruitment in the future.


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