Jul 26, 2021

6 Ways to Reduce Your Hiring Time and Attract Best Talent

tips to reduce hiring time
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For businesses, finding new talent is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s no secret that skills scarcity in the job market raises competitiveness and the need to attract, engage, and hire the finest applicants as quickly as possible.

As a recruiter, you’re well aware that having a more efficient hiring process that delivers a better applicant experience is critical to keeping the top candidates on board and avoiding the expenses of poor hires.

We’ve included some pointers for your recruiting and onboarding process below.

Check out our guide to save time and make hiring more effective. Keep reading to find out how you can enhance your hiring process!

1. Improve the quality of your job postings

First and foremost, make certain that your job descriptions are both factual and appealing. Delivering on their expectations and starting with an honest job offer is the greatest approach to retain good prospects around. 

Another thing to think about is how your recruitment staff communicates about open opportunities. Are they posting your openings on the most appropriate employment boards? Is it simple for them to post your job openings on numerous job boards?

It’s often seen that better job postings end up attracting more candidates. So taking this step will help you to receive more relevant profiles.

2. Make Candidate Sourcing More Effective

In addition to job boards and your career website, social media networks are excellent places to find applicants. Make sure your recruitment staff understands how to use social media to their advantage.

Going through your applicant database is another fantastic approach to find candidates. Use your recruiting tools to look for competent individuals who haven’t been hired before but are a good fit for a new role.

Allowing recommendations will also help you tap into your workers’ professional networks. This is a highly cost-effective method of contacting top, passive prospects.

3. Use AI-assisted candidate screening

Candidate screening is one of the most essential phases in the recruiting process since it helps recruiters to exclude applicants who are unfit for the job and focus on those who best meet the criteria.

The ideal option is to automate the screening process using AI. The proper applicant tracking system may give you an automatic candidate selection based on your recruitment team’s job criteria. This tool allows you to speed up the recruiting process without sacrificing the quality of the screening.

The algorithm that screens applicants, on the other hand, do not get bored of looking at CVs and does not rely on the unconscious prejudice that we humans do.

4. Make Use of Tools to Reduce Bias and Increase Efficiency

You can automate a significant portion of your recruiting and selection process.

  • AI-assisted screening can cut down on the time it takes to recruit someone and remove prejudice.
  • Past candidates can be re-engaged using candidate rediscovery technologies.
  • Chatbots can increase new candidate engagement.

These tools will teach you how to utilize marketing strategies including a multi-channel strategy, customized advertisements, and deep analytics to find, attract, and engage better-qualified people.

5. Gather and analyze candidate feedback

Another technique that helps recruiters save time and money is candidate rediscovery. It’s also one of at least two reasons to keep in touch with applicants you didn’t reject. An applicant who has just been offered a position at your firm is unlikely to rate your hiring process on the record.

On the other side, the prospects you’ve turned down are likely to have a lot to say about your employer brand. Make use of the chance to gather and analyze candidate comments. This will provide you with important insight into how candidates see your recruiting process and reveal what needs to be altered and why.

6. Continue to improve your onboarding program

The employment process does not end with selection. Your employer’s reputation is built on your readiness to assist new recruits in adjusting to a new work environment and becoming accustomed to their daily tasks.

The most essential thing for any employer to realize about onboarding is that it cannot be rushed. On the contrary, it should be done regularly. To save time and money, utilize LMS software to teach specific skills.

In A Nutshell:

While it is essential to hire the right candidate for any position, it is also crucial to work under the timeline of the recruitment process.

One wrong step can cost the invested time, money and is prone to failure. Breaking down the process into smaller phases while also automating a few parts of it, you will be able to take control of the hiring approach and quality. And if you continue to improve on that version, your hiring success rate will eventually skyrocket.

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