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6 Subtle Resume Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Job Search

December 16, 2021

If you have been on the job hunt for a while without getting any interviews, it is time to rethink your job searching approach. From finding jobs to sending resumes and following career tips, every step has to be carried out correctly.

When an individual doesn't get any job interviews, it doesn't mean that they are unqualified or lack talent. Instead, people apply for jobs that seem to be the right fit for them. So, what errors do candidates commit while searching for a job? You haven't met the recruiter or visited the company, and you don't even get the opportunity to show your skills.

Sending out resumes to the company is the initial step in the job search process, and that's where you have to focus. You might have used astounding resume tips to craft a unique resume. However, a small mistake can sabotage your job search.

A job recruiter should find it hard to ignore your resume. Generally, a recruiter will review a candidate's resume in just thirty seconds. Within a few seconds, the resume must impress the recruiter to move forward in the job process. Similarly, a trivial mistake in the resume can be a drawback that decreases the value of a candidate.

Your resume reflects your skills and how the company will perceive you. As humans, we all make mistakes and learn from failures. However, some people don't recognize shortcomings in their resumes as they are not well informed. Therefore, candidates must identify the mistakes in their resumes.

Every trivial error can hugely influence the recruiter's decision of hiring you. Interviewer questioning the resume mistakes in your face-to-face discussion is a possibility, and you don't want to deal with that. Resume creation is a daunting process for both entry-level candidates and experienced professionals. If you cannot identify the mistake in your resume, check out the below list. After analyzing numerous resumes, we have found some common resume mistakes that people make.

Format, typos, and grammatical errors

It is crucial to check for typos and grammar mistakes before submitting your resume. You can't afford to make punctuation errors, so ensure that you scrutinize the resume. It doesn't mean that you have to be an expert in grammar and punctuation. However, you have to be careful and diligent. One should avoid missing punctuations or spelling mistakes.

For instance, if you have added "you're" instead of "your" or vice versa, it certainly takes a dig at your resume. It is better to be vigilant than regret these silly mistakes. There are free grammar tools available on the internet, which can be helpful. No matter how advanced a tool you use, it is essential to proofread yourself, and this is one of the important resume tips you shouldn’t ignore.

At times, people who created the content find it hard to identify mistakes in their work. This is common so that you can get help from others. Ask a friend, colleague or family member to go through your resume to find grammar, punctuation or typo errors.

Employers look for people who give importance to detail, and they expect good communication skills. Therefore, both verbal and written communication should be adequate. Ensure that you make no resume mistakes. A high paying job may necessitate professionals to send business emails or proposals. Therefore, it is essential to prove that you have the skill to communicate well through your resume.

Not enough info or too many details

One of the crucial resume tips is to keep the resume short and precise. Ensure that you inform everything within one or two pages. However, too short resumes may cause the same negative impact on how the recruiter perceives you.

For experienced professionals, the work experience may take up space in the resume, so it might be challenging to compile all the information on one page. However, it is not the case for freshers, and all the details can fill in a page. If you have internships or freelance work to mention, feel free to add up every detail that increases the value of your resume.

Employers have to go through thousands of resumes before they shortlist specific candidates. Therefore, it is better to keep your information on the point. Moreover, too short resumes may seem like candidates are not eager. It is the commitment and responsibility that companies will look to find in candidates.

A short resume with not much information might fail to make an impression. It is always better to keep things clear without taking up so much time from the recruiters. If you cannot find the career tips for creating a resume, you can get help from experienced professionals or check online resources. You will find resume templates for specific roles and take inspiration from them to create a unique resume.


Adding references is good, and there are no doubts about that. However, including many references can be overwhelming to the recruiters. Two or three references are more than enough for an employer, and that too will be used when you are all set to start the job in an organization. While doing background checks, you will be obliged to provide references from previous organizations. References are not a mandatory part of resumes as employers will request a requirement.

Moreover, one can find your professional network on digital platforms like LinkedIn. Therefore, you can reconsider the idea of adding references to your resume. If you want to have references, then well and good. However, if it consumes too much space and increases the length of your resume, it's better to omit them. Above all, stating "references will be provided on request" is not essential in a resume. Ensure that you don't add redundant information to the resume. Follow the resume tips to keep your resume impressive.

Irrelevant skills or unclear work experience

As a professional, you must know what you write in the resume. Recruiters don't have time to read through your resume as they prefer skimming to evaluate suitable candidates as quickly as possible. If you specify a work experience in a previous company, keep it clear.

Instead of "worked as a content writer in a digital marketing company", you can add "created web content, blogs and worked in content management systems like WordPress". This will make recruiters understand your skills precisely.

Generic resume

When creating a resume, ensure that it is specifically created for the right job. A generic resume can emphasize your lack of effort to the employers. Employers want to see a unique resume that impresses them and ensures that you exceed their expectations. You don't have to furnish new content for every job as it is time-consuming.

Try editing your generic resume and add points that might be relevant to the job you are applying for. Before applying for a job, you will undoubtedly go through the job description to help you create a resume. A targeted resume based on the job description can captivate the attention of employers. In addition, it is one way to show that you are keen on joining the job position.

If you are interested in joining a specific company, it is vital to show your eagerness to the employers. Your resume makes the first impression so ensure that you add precise details curated to fit the job description. It is okay not to have some skills, and your profile might still be considered valuable. It is all about intimating to the employer that you will be efficient to learn the skill and ability to work effectively.

Add correct work experience

This is one of the crucial elements, and ensure that you tag along with the resume tips to avoid blunders. For experienced professionals, employers would prefer checking their efficiency in the previous workspace. Therefore, it is essential to provide all the details about your work experience in short sentences.

If you have a career gap, it is critical to elucidate rather than wait for the company to find out. Hiding any detail about your work experience can negatively influence employers to see the truth. People understand that career gaps are not the end as it's unpredictable to see what comes next. You might have valid reasons to quit a job in a short tenure, and it is not a problem. It is all about being honest with the employer. You can specify it in the resume when the work tenure is short.


Your resume is the first thing that recruiters will come across, and it comes even before evaluating your skills. So ensure that you create the best resume that stands out from the crowd. The above mistakes can be avoided, and add all the essential details using career tips.

You might have forgotten or skipped specific jobs you did for extra income. You don't have to avoid that in your resume, as every job helps you learn things, even if it is not technical. From professionalism to work ethics, there are skills that companies will expect in a candidate. If you can let employees know about it in the resume, it will be easier for them to consider your resume over thousands of candidates contending for the same job.


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