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5 Successful Careers That Dont Require A Degree

December 09, 2021

College is always considered to be a stepping stone of high-paying jobs and successful careers. The experience you get in college will shape your life, and getting a degree after all the hard work would be the proudest moment for every individual out there. However, it is okay to miss a college degree as the student experience is not for all.

Some people don't consider taking a full-time college at the campus university. Many individuals relish making money and love what they do rather than studying. If you are not intrigued by the idea of going to college, you still have successful career options. Several reasons keep individuals away from college, like high campus fees. It is essential to learn skills before you start earning. Skills can help you to move upwards in a career, just like a college degree.

Unlike graduation, it's essential to take responsibility in learning the skills. There will be staff and management to help you throughout the learning path when it comes to college. However, gaining a skill requires commitment and dedication. Some people have talent, and others are interested in a specific industry like art or IT.

Whether you have talent or passion, it's important to start trying. You might experience failures in the beginning, but there's a long way to go. Commence your career in an industry that you've always been passionate about. You will find it easier to learn without feeling it like a burden.

People are either stressed or get less scores when they learn without passion or interest. That's why some people don't believe in the idea of going to college. However, it is essential to remember that a college degree with passion and interest can help people reach the pinnacle of success in any industry.

Successful careers without graduation


Sales jobs are on-demand and high-paying, which don't necessarily require a college degree. If you have the skill to lure an audience and sell, then you can be a successful marketing executive. B2B is the best choice if you'd like to earn more. However, a college degree may be required as per the company norms.

Every company will have its requirements when it comes to educational background. Some companies look for candidates with a college degree, and some companies keep it mandatory to hire candidates without any backlogs in their college degrees. As far as the sales jobs are concerned, you will be finding it easier to earn commissions apart from the pay.

The commission is based on the profit margin, the products, and other factors. Moreover, many companies offer entry-level jobs for candidates without experience. Sales jobs are promising yet competitive, so you have to learn incessantly. After hiring you for an entry-level job, the company will provide training to start learning from there.

Marketing is a career that you can always trust to earn money without a college degree. Start with the basics, and many online courses give you an introduction to the marketing career.

Software developers are high-paying jobs, and there is no need to acquire a college degree. You could have seen some great examples of successful developers who skipped college and made millions with their apps or software. When hiring software developers, some companies require a college degree, whereas others don't set the educational requirements. It's easy to see that companies are dropping the requirement of a college education. Tech giants like Google, Apple, and other famous companies don't require a college degree anymore. So you can get high-paying jobs or work for top companies without a college degree. However, it is essential to have the skill that the companies expect from you. Without exemplary software development skills, a person won't get noticed in the industry.

Digital Marketer

A career in digital marketing is a great way to earn money as it has become a necessity for every business in any industry. As far as the digital marketing career is concerned, an individual can either take digital marketing courses or gain experience with live projects.

You can always specialize in social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, and more. There are various opportunities with top companies, and all you need to do is, gain the skill and have some projects that show your expertise in the field. You can choose to freelance or work full full-time at your convenience. The average pay of a digital marketer is also in six figures, so you can successfully start learning.

Real estate agent

As far as real estate agents are concerned, some successful people don't have a college degree, and a few utilize a high school diploma to build a career. If you are ready to proceed further in the real estate industry, you have to get a real estate license before starting.

 It will let real estate agents start their careers at a very young age and gain expertise in the industry even without formal education. The job role is quite similar to salespeople, as the real estate agent will have the opportunity to earn more by commission or a percentage of the deal they close. These can help you earn high with every deal, and it adds up to your base job.

The real estate industry is the ideal choice to earn more without any hassles. However, the job is bound to a city or location, and you can build a network there. Real estate is one of the successful careers for people who'd like to earn more without a college degree.

Small business owners

Entrepreneurs are also on the list of high-paying income without a college degree. There are millions of people across the globe trying to make it work in the industry and contending with the top companies to elevate their business globally and achieve high profits with the best products or services.

With the evolution of internet marketing, entrepreneurs can now sell their products or services globally, and no one will ask for a college degree from a business owner. And you already have the answer to questions like "why did you discontinue your studies?". However, entrepreneurs have to handle all the tasks, making it tough to survive in the industry. It is not a suitable option for some individuals. If you want to give it a try, you can always start your endeavors in the industry you'd like.

These are some of the most incredible career options for people who don't have a college degree. If you'd like to skip college and start your business, ensure that you have the skills to move forward in any industry.

Here's how you can succeed without a college degree

Check out some of the best ways to achieve without a college degree.

Now is the right time to start.

Whether you are eighteen or thirty-eight, it's never too early to start. Exploring new opportunities will make you wiser, so confidently step out of your comfort zone and try things without any hindrance. With the internet, you can learn any skill at any age.

All you have to do is search for courses to improve your skills or gain experience in the industry with your knowledge. Make Google your best friend and hear all the information you should know to start a career you desire.

Check career options that don't require a college degree

If you are thinking about a career option without a college degree, you can consider the top five options specified above. From digital marketers to business owners, you can choose any career and succeed without a college degree.

There were specific careers like software developers, which require a college degree. However, top technology companies have moved forward with hiring skilled people without considering college graduation. Every company has its educational requirements, so you can research a bit to start a career in companies that give preference to your skill and talent rather than a college degree.

Hard work is the key

Whether you have a college degree or not, you will succeed if you keep working hard in any industry. If you are already working without career growth, figure out ways to elevate your growth and consult your seniors or a manager. It will be easier for the management to understand your needs if you can elucidate the requirements in terms of growth and pay.

Above all, you have to keep trying for a successful career. From novice to expert, everyone will be in the industry, and you will be contending against many people. It is essential to learn, try and make a move when you have to. At times, it might be challenging to move forward due to doubts and insecurities. However, you have to follow your instincts and take the step.


Whether you get internships in top companies or learn all by yourself, you must work hard and stay focused. In this world of the end of diversions, you have to stay focussed, which will bring success. These top successful careers can help you explore the wide range of career options available out there and choose the "one" you'd love to do.


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