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10 Right Ways For Effective Remote Employees Engagement

November 25, 2022

Your search for the right ways to improve remote employee engagement ends here. Many statistics show that working from home reached its highest point during the pandemic and is here to stay. Even the top companies worldwide plan to have a hybrid work model with both office and remote work. And people looking for work now look for ways to have a better balance between work and life, like working from home.

Recent research shows that workplace distractions cause worldwide business losses of over $600 billion. And studies confirm that both employers and employees want to continue working remotely. Because there are fewer interruptions, no office politics, a quiet place to work, flexible hours, and other things, though all these statistics confirm that remote work will continue for a long time, it is essential to take care of remote employees' wellness.

So, check out how engaged your remote employees are and the many right ways to increase productivity to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

What is remote employee engagement?

Even at the office, engaging employees is not making them happy or satisfy their needs. An emotional commitment motivates employees to achieve the company's aims. Only such engaged employees will not work for the paycheck or promotion but to use discretionary effort. It makes them work overtime if essential, even without being asked to do so, and others to reach the business goals.

 Engaging employees to make such an effort is easier said than done. It is because most remote employees are new to the virtual environment and need help and support. Also, over time most employees get disengaged because of not having social interactions. Hence, you need to hire remote employees accustomed to the virtual working environment. And to look after employee wellness so that they don't become disengaged but instead become more productive.

So, remote employee engagement is the process of keeping employees motivated and connected to work from home. The manager and employee can connect and stay active and interested in the virtual work environment. As a result, you must be aware of the numerous effective methods for improving remote employee engagement.

Ten right ways to engage remote employees

With remote work on the rise since the pandemic and continuing at an increased pace, there are also many signs of its negative impact on employees. There is a rise in absenteeism, failure to meet deadlines, not participating in team-building activities, inferior quality of work, and many others. All of these are signs you should improve employee engagement in your company. The following are the right ways to do it effectively, improve employee wellness, and make them walk the extra mile to voluntarily achieve the company's goals.

  1. Fostering social relations will help employees not feel lonely, and the right way to do it is to engage them through social hours, increasing virtual team meetings, having casual video chats, permitting the hire of remote employees to orient for one year, planning company retreats, outings, and others to strengthen interactions.


  1. Leverage advanced technology to keep the remote employees connected with effective communication methods to enable all the members to remain on the same page, conduct regular staff meetings, incorporate regular video calls with screen sharing, and others to make them feel to be part of the team and in the decision-making process


  1. Listen to employee feedback, use it in the many action plans, and communicate it to ensure that you are using their innovative ideas to motivate not only for engagement but also for the future development of the company.


  1. Recognize employee contributions like working more than others, overtime even without asking to do but to complete a work, to make them feel valued and appreciated, which could work wonders


  1. Prioritize physical and mental employee wellness, as many studies confirm that only healthy employees can be more productive and perform better. The right way to do this is by providing mindful breaks, health incentives, insurance coverage, flexibility on their availability, and more.


  1. Communicate with employees using an online platform that allows them to comment, share views with others, and reply to their queries to provide real-time connection, recognition, and appreciation for better employee engagement


  1. Provide the right work-life balance to employees with meaningful relationships by setting flexible schedules, realistic expectations, and assignments, and chatting to know their family, workload, stress, and others.


  1. Update the employees on new projects, team progress, business goals, and company-related news through the online platform or other means to keep them in the loop to be part of the entire process for better performance to achieve aims


  1. Help the recruits with proper orientation and use the advanced technological tools for practical use to do all the virtual activities easily without any issues to become more productive and involved with the company's growth.


  1. Mix remote work with weekly or monthly office visits or use the hybrid model of four to five days of work at home and one to two days of working at the office to have social interactions with other employees

The above facts and the right ways for remote employee engagement will help to expand your business exponentially.

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