The Future is Wearable and is Definitely Fashionable!

The hottest accessory in geek fashion is soon going on sale. Google will sell the “Explorer” version of Google Glass to any U.S. resident who places an order online beginning at 9 a.m. PDT April 15. The product will cost $1,500. According to Google, their explorers are mom , surgeons, bakers rockers, etc and each [...]

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5 ways QR code can make a big difference in your business

Scan bigger opportunities QR or “quick response” codes act as a bridge from the printed world to the more dynamic online world. They are two dimensional bar codes that are readable by mobile devices, and allow users to scan and then link to online content. A more effective web presence and more traffic is a [...]

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4 reasons why Social intelligence in your Business Process Management can transform your organization

Businesses today have evolved. The way employees do their jobs and customers interact has lead to this transformation. Social BPM (Business Process Management) is a transformative approach to traditional management disciplines. Social collaboration creates strong possibilities in the competitive setting and adding ‘Social’ to business processes delivers great business value. We’ve listed down 4 major [...]

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Do the same things you do today, better and faster! Leverage cloud Services with enterprise mobility for a competitive advantage

  Cloud computing is fundamentally transforming much of the IT services industry as we know it today. And with the slow recovery from the worst economic downturn in 70 years, most CIOs and IT managers are forced to bring IT spending in line with the new economic reality by exploring Cloud and S-a-a-S solutions. Cloud [...]

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