Apr 23, 2018

Four Women and their Cool Inventions

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Women’s Day is not just about those 50 percent off sales, or that discount at your local nail salon. It’s about respect and empowerment for women, who have long been struggling to be treated with the same respect and recognition that men get. It’s about getting the same pay as a man for the same work, the credit that’s due for work done well despite the person’t gender, and a way to break away from oppressive patriarchy.

Here are four women who bucked the trends and practices of their times, and created things that benefited people.



1. Margaret Knight:.

Known as ‘Lady Edison’ for her prolific inventions. Knight’s first invention was a safety device for textile looms, followed by inventions including shoe-manufacturing machines, a “dress shield” to protect garments from perspiration stains, a rotary engine and an internal combustion engine.



2. Ada Lovelace:.

Ada Lovelace is said to have created the first algorithm to be used specifically on a computer. Lovelace was also a brilliant mathematician, and she predicted the many things the computer would be used for in the future- many of them correct. Ever used a computer? You can this wonderful woman.



3. Hedy Lemarr:.

A famous and beautiful Austrian actress, whose contributions to the field of digital communications have benefited us all greatly. She developed a Secret Communications System that helped manipulate radio frequencies. This, in turn, helped send and receive secret messages during the World War II. She is also credited with creating the stepping stones to the modern WiFi. Let’s give her a round of applause, shall we?



4. Melitta Bentz:.

Love a good cup of coffee? You can think Meltta Bentz for bringing coffee brewing to modern times. She came up with the idea of filtering coffee to take away the gritty feeling and bitter taste. Lovers of filter coffee should give this lady a salute.


These women, like many more, barely got the recognition they deserved at the time of their work and life. Most people still don’t know who they are or what they contributed, as opposed to male inventors of their times. Here’s to hoping that will change in the future.

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