May 21, 2018

Why Flexible Work Schedules are the Thing Now

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Flexible schedules are in-demand right now. Apart from providing more work-life balance to employees, flexible schedules create a positive culture that employers can benefit from too.
Here’s why all companies should have flexible schedules, instead of the regular old 9-to-5er.

1. Work-Life Balance:.

Not everybody wants to spend all their time in the office, chained to their desks. They’d like to go home, go out, hang with the fam, or with others. With the current generation, the Millenials, a proper work-life balance is much more important than to those of a previous generation.

2. Get Certified:.

Nobody wants to stay static. They want to learn new things, move up the corporate ladder, and get better pay. How do they do this? By learning skills, and getting certified. Obviously, having a flexible work-schedule will help people plan and take up courses that help in furthering their career, follow their passion, etc.

3. Saves Money:.

Employers can find cost savings through flexible policies including the use of flexible schedules. In addition to saving money from having happier and healthier employees, employers are able to attract and retain top-notch professionals, resulting in less turn over and training costs.

4. Productivity Increases:.

There are several reasons for increased productivity through the offering of flexible work programs. Not only are employees given more control over how they put their time in, they are also provided with an environment of trust and autonomy. With happier employees and a more trusting environment, productivity increases.

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