May 28, 2018

Eight Tips to a Productive Work-from-Home Experience

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Working from home can be awesome, or awful. It depends a lot on how you manage yourself, your surroundings and your work. Here’s a list we’ve put together to make work-from-home more productive, healthier and not awful.

1. Create a separate Work-space:.

Make sure you have a separate work space where you can focus on work without too many distractions. Try not to work from your bed- it can get way too comfortable and reinforce the ‘home’ part of ‘work from home,’ and not in a good way. Have a tidy desk, an ergonomic chair and work away. Stay the heck away from the TV, the radio, and very interesting looking websites during work hours.

2. Don’t be an unshowered mess:.

It can be super tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day long- who’s gonna ask? Don’t. Take a shower, eat a healthy brekky, and then sit down to work. That will have you fresh and energized, and it’ll set a good tone for your day.

3. Take Appropriate breaks:.

It’s very tempting to stay right where you are when a want to take a break from work. Don’t just sit there though. Stand up, stretch, walk around the house or the apartment and get that blood flowing. It’s good for your body, and mind to get that wee bit of exercise.

4. Set Daily Goals:.

Set daily goals that you want to meet, set a schedule for it and stick to it. This will help keep up your productivity and make sure that you get your work done. Time yourself if you have to, or set a time-sensitive schedule for yourself. It’ll help.

5. Get a Pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones:.

Some of us have neighbors from hell. Especially the kind who, perenially, seem to have some construction work around their house, and drown you in noise during the work day. Get noise cancelling headphones, and put them on. Since it’s your home, you can even try putting on some nice ambient music. Mozart might helps, we hear.

6. Set up Limits for family and visitors:.

Family will be tempted to invade your space, interrupt your workflow and get on your nerves. Or you may feel like taking a break with them, which goes on and on. Try shutting the door to your workspace, hang a sign, put up a notice. Let them know that even if you’re home, you still have visiting hours, and your mind is in ‘work’ mode.

7. Keep in touch:.

Communication can be one of the biggest hurdles in a work-from-home situation. Make sure you keep in touch with your colleagues, bosses, etc. throughout the work week. Manage expectations, and make sure your work is done on schedule- they note your productivity level.

8. Thank god that you’re at home:.

And not stuck in a cubicle or an uncomfortable corner in the office. You’re at home, at your own desk, and not surrounded by potentially unfriendly, unmotivating coworkers. Keep that in mind and work!

Working from home doesn’t have to be tough. Find out what your employees expect from you, and state clearly what you expect from them. Connect frequently, stay on schedule and you’ll be just fine.

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