Apr 09, 2018

Seven Tips to be Super Productive at Work

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We all know those people who are super productive, and energetic no matter the time of the day. And we’ve all wanted to be like them- even though just watching them work is exhausting. Well, fortunately, super-productivity is skill that can be learnt. Try these tips and let us know if they help you out.

1. Wake Up Early:.

By early, we don’t mean at the crack of dawn. Go to bed early, get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep if you can, and wake up early. Not only does this allow you time to plan your morning leisurely, it’s a better way to start the day- with no hurry and worry.

2. Eat Breakfast:.

Another seemingly obvious tip. But most people seem to skip breakfasts in their hurry to get their workday started. A giant cup of coffee can go only so far in keeping you energetic. Eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast, and you’re more likely to be energetic and productive through your day. Besides, waking up early gives you that bit of time you need to eat a peaceful meal in the morning.

3. Go for a run- or at least a brisk walk:.

A short run or a brisk walk around the block can get those endorphins flowing in your brain, get your heart pumping and get that energy flowing. Happy hormones, happier workday. And the fresh morning air doesn’t do any harm either.

4. Use your breaks wisely:.

You might be tempted to just veg out in front of your system, or hide out in the break-room, during your breaks. Don’t. You can use this time to take a short walk around your office, stretch your legs and get that energy flowing again. Or use this time to re-prioritize tasks, make things easier to do, or listen to some good peppy music.

5. Meet those Deadlines:.

Even if it is a low-pressure task, don’t be lackadaisical about it. Be tough on yourself about meeting the deadlines, and managing expectations. If a task doesn’t have a deadline, impose one on yourself. Make a checklist of tasks with their due dates. And cross them off one-by-one. Studies even show that this is a great way to get things done.

6. Handle one at a time:.

Forget multi-tasking. Prioritize your tasks. Get the urgent ones out of the way first. Focus on doing one task well at a time. Having too many things to do at the same time will only slow you down, stress you out, and be counter-productive overall.

7. Close those tabs:.

We’re all guilty of having too many tabs open. And some of us have multiple windows open as well. Close down those you don’t need. Open only those necessary for the task at hand. This way, you won’t be wasting time looking for the tab with the right tab, no unnecessary distractions.

Now that you have these little tips to help you be super productive, get out there, be super productive, and conquer the world!

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