May 14, 2018

Quarter Life Crisis and Your Career

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You’re in your twenties and you’re wondering if all your life choices so far have been a complete bust. Sound like you? Welcome to your Quarter Life Crisis.

Here’s the deal: quarter life crisis happens in your twenties because you enter the real world after college, and all your ideas and assumptions are challenged. Maybe you really wanted a nice 9-to-5 job after graduation. But now, the walls of your cubicle, and your annoying coworkers stifle you.

You might have thought working for somebody else is fine. But now, you can’t stand being someone else’s lackey. And so on and so forth.

So what do you do? How do you deal? We’ve thought over it, and from everything we’ve experienced and read, we’ve come up with these tips. Maybe they’ll help, maybe they won’t.

1. Let go of Expectations: .

You know what they say about expectations: they lead to disappointment. Or if you must have any expectations, make sure they’re more the realistic kind. Find a mentor, or a guide, and find out what their life and career was like at your age in your job position. Start talking to people; your friends, your partner, your parents even. Maybe they all feel or felt the same way. They could offer some insight as to what you should do now.

2. Find your Passion: .

Yes, we know how contrived this sounds. But, in this day and age, you can follow your passion and make money out of it. You just how to figure out what and how. Write down all your passions. Pick the most realistic one, Google it, and see if anybody else is making money out of it, or if there even is a market where you can sell your passion/talent whatever. Your twenties is a great time to figure out what makes you happy, to make mistakes, and to bounce back.

3. Learn, Learn, Learn: .

Here’s the thing: just because you graduate college, doesn’t mean all your learning is done. You have to pick up new skills and new talents to move ahead in your career. These skills could be solid skills that come with a certification, or soft skills. This can be a great networking opportunity too. Learning new things might also help you develop a side-hustle. Mo’ money is mostly good, right? Your side hustle might even become your main job one day, who knows?

Quarter life crisis is really just angst every twentysomething faces. You might feel stuck and unhappy, while there are plenty of twentysomethings who’ve figured it all out and powering through their life and career. And that’s okay. We’re not all exactly the same people. Stop with the comparisons (the main culprit in Quarter Life Crisis, imo), find out what pleases you and ticks all your life goals boxes, and go get it. Remember Hakuna Matata from The Lion King? Not a bad motto to adopt when you’re trying to prevent a meltdown.

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