Aug 16, 2021

Platforms To Find Top Talents Other Than Traditional Job Boards

places to find talents other than job boards
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Significant changes have occurred in the recruitment industry in recent years. Everything is changing from the growth of social media to the expansion of recruiting tools and the usage of AI. Things can be perplexing at times. Job portals function as the online platform to look for qualified candidates with skills matching your requirements. 

We examined many job portals and networking sites before finally coming up with this blog in which we talk about how a recruiter can search beyond the traditional job portals and improve the quality of hiring.

How Do Job Search Websites Function?

The vast majority of job search websites are free to use for job seekers. However, some job boards need a fee/subscription for recruiters to unlock the full browsing of candidates. Through such websites, a recruiter can find the best candidates which qualify all the qualities they are looking forward to. 

These portals give an organization’s recruiters a chance to showcase the vacancies they have and allow any job seeker to go through the job advertisement. It gives the liberty to the candidate whether they want to apply for it or not. Similarly, a recruiter gets the liberty to source candidate’s profiles based on the requirements and approach them in person.

However, there’s a large talent pool on such websites and when job ads receive hundreds of applications, there are chances you might miss the potential candidates.

Here we have compiled a list of 5 platforms which doesn’t function like a traditional job board but accommodate a large community of professionals making it paradise for any recruiter to source top talents.

Top Platforms to Find Talents Other than Traditional Job Boards

1. LinkedIn:

With the rising demand for competent individuals across all industries, acquiring top personnel will only get more challenging. Following professional trends, on the other hand, may help you hire outstanding individuals with ease. And the most popular trend in the professional market is the use of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for recruiting. The majority of potential prospects look for employment on LinkedIn, therefore you must build a LinkedIn recruiter profile to enhance your exposure among them. It enables you to post links to your job posts, highlight workers and, and advertise your business.

Post the job updates on your company page and share the same with your connections to reach a large number of candidates. The InMail feature also allows you to message the potential candidates about the opportunities and have a one to one communication.

2. Behance community for Graphics Designers:

Behance attracts creativity from all around the world, allowing them to become part of a community that values their original work and creative process. Users present their work in the form of profiles made up of Projects.

A Project is a collection of photographs, films, and other digital assets that all have a common subject or method. Every project has a unique URL that can be shared throughout the web. As a recruiter, you can go through an ocean of qualified designers and search with your queries as keywords. All you need to do is find a designer who has worked on projects or industry similar to your needs.

Behance is a platform for creative professionals all around the world to display their work and discover the work of others via three core features: Search, Live, and Jobs. You can easily hire graphic designers who are the finest prospects for your firm or client. These designers can be hired as Contract or Project based as well making it flexible for both parties.


AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is an AI-based computer adaptive test that evaluates job applicants on critical skills such as communication, logical reasoning, quantitative skills, and job-specific domain skills, assisting recruiters in determining a candidate’s suitability for various job roles. 

While most aptitude tests just evaluate verbal comprehension and reasoning ability, the AMCAT also evaluates personality qualities and domain skills, making it an excellent exam for matching jobs to individuals. It will aid you in your search for qualified and the best candidate.

These exams assess a person’s capacity to acquire new concepts, succeed in educational programs, and perform effectively in certain tasks. They are widely employed in entrance exams to provide admission to qualified applicants in educational programs, as well as in recruiting tests for employment. An aptitude test, for example, can help identify whether a person will be able to learn to program readily or do well in a banking position.

4. Github community for developers:

GitHub is the largest social coding platform in the world. Simply put, it is a cloud-based hosting platform for open source (OS) developers, who use it to host and distribute open-source frameworks and technologies such as Ruby on Rails.

This is where GitHub becomes intriguing for recruiters, my friends! Every developer who uses GitHub must create an account with a publicly accessible profile. 

GitHub is a place where developers may collaborate. Github is teeming with top-tier technical knowledge. If you want to find prospects on Github, you must first know where to look. You can learn a lot about each developer if you pay attention. It is a very good platform for recruiters to hire developers out who are really good candidates for their company. Github is a repository where you can maintain several versions of a project and allow others to contribute. 

This platform, on the other hand, establishes direct access to technical talent. Having all of this talent on one platform makes it appealing to recruiters and easier to hire software developers. They allow you to contact developers and provide the opportunity for a creative approach since you can view their current activity and present customized profiles.

5. Instagram:

Did you ever considered Instagram as part of your social recruitment strategy? No? Well you should. Instagram has billions of active users around the world and is a great place to find candidates between ages 18-35. The platform allows you have a business page to attract potential talent. Building a brand on Instagram has been working for many brands in past couple of years.

Millenials and GenZ always include social media in their job search, making Instagram a place to hire your next employee. The platform can be used mostly for inbound recruitment. Create an employer brand image that candidates wish to work for. Many people use Instagram to share their knowledge with the community and recruiters can get in touch with them if they are suitable for an open job position. However, for hiring freelancers and project based staffing, it works in the favour of recruiters.

All things Considered

To identify the finest of candidates you have to start your search by thinking out of the box or maybe think like there is no box. We looked at over a dozen different job and networking websites before narrowing it down to some for this blog. We chose the sites based on their community type and network, domain, simplicity of use, and features.

We agree that there are numerous job sites available on the internet giving multiple options to the recruiters. However, it is always helpful to look beyond the the conventional job search and take a tour of the mentioned portals to find that extra ordinary candidate. These portals are also becoming popular among recruiters as they accommodate a large number of passive job seekers.

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