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The Impact Of Technology On Staffing: AI, Automation and Machine Learning

July 14, 2023

All of us today are already aware that we live on a planet where everything runs with the help of technology and the internet. Since these two elements provide you with a significant number of advantages, it can be quite easy to depend on them by a wide margin. As a result, you will be able to notice its presence in every sphere of life without any difficulty.

However, one area where you will get to witness this aspect the most is in the employment sector. It is because numerous companies and organizations today utilize the help of technology to improve productivity significantly.

Although this factor is positive and can change the course of work pressure, it can also sometimes cause issues as people who were used for paperwork are not necessary anymore. Hence, the impact of technology on staffing is multi-faceted and can be both positive as well as negative.

Positive Impacts

Let us now take a detailed look at some of the beneficial ways technology has changed the employment world:

  1. Increases Productivity And Reduces Burden

One of the best things that technology has contributed to the staffing industry is that it increased the productivity level and decreased the amount of burden appropriately. Before the introduction of technological gadgets, every task was carried out by humans, which required a lot of effort and workforce.

However, with the help of AI in recruitment, all of these factors can be taken care of within a short period while making it convenient for the company to pick better candidates.

  1. Improved Data Analyzation

The next positive impact of technology on staffing is that it makes it possible for firms to acquire improved data analysis. It is because any digital gadget is better at assessing information and providing you with results rather than a human.

Moreover, a computer or a laptop is more likely to not make mistakes, allowing you to acquire the best benefits accordingly. For example, banks today utilize technological devices to store consumer data. This aspect also makes it easy to find the necessary details when necessary.

  1. 24/7 Assistance

Another amazing benefit of automation in staffing is that ever since the introduction of chatbots, people can reach out to customer service no matter what. If you run a firm in the telemarketing industry, this factor will reduce your need for more recruits while still providing your consumers with the most relevant services.

With the help of automation, you will get to pre-record messages to make it efficient for the users to get rid of their problems within a short period. Moreover, since every individual is in a hurry these days, this aspect will also save a significant amount of time easily.


Like every other element in the world, the introduction of technology has also resulted in a few drawbacks when it comes to staffing. Let us now take a look at them:

  1. Customers Prefer Human Interaction

It does not matter if you have prepared the best automation tool for your consumer support, individuals are more likely to choose to speak to a specialist. It is because explaining the issues can be easier when speaking to a human instead of a robot. It is because a machine usually fails to function properly in a few situations.

As a result, even if you have the best messages and tools in place, you will still need to hire experienced professionals and train them thoroughly to make it convenient for the users to meet their requirements appropriately.

  1. Reduces Job Options

One of the most unfavorable impacts of technology on staffing is the reduction in job options. Since computers, laptops, and other gadgets can be utilized today for several purposes, it has reduced the number of work available. This factor has led to numerous people losing their positions or failing to find appropriate postings.

As technological devices can get a task done quickly and more efficiently, it is easy for companies to opt for a digital transformation instead of hiring professionals. All of these factors are contributing to the massive surge in unemployment by a wide margin.

  1. Income Inequality

Another negative effect of technology on staffing is that the jobs that can be taken care of by a gadget have become significantly low-paying, making it challenging for individuals to earn a livelihood. Since all these work options are being replaced by machines, it can be hard for a few people to acquire one since companies want to cut back on the amount they need to spend.

However, when they do hire external individuals, these places of employment are more likely to pay unfairly, which leads to income Inequality all over the planet. This factor is also hampering human resources more than you think.

By and large,

Although it can be easy to only point out the positive or negative impacts of technology on staffing, it is quite important to realize that both sides are significantly entwined with this aspect. Hence, you need to carefully choose what part of your staffing you would prefer to leave to AI and which part to the experts.

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