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How To Write A Cover Letter That Makes You Stand Out?

October 13, 2021

Dear Hiring manager

I am driven by passion from my XXXX University days while pursuing my MBA degree to become an innovative digital marketer. Since those days were the time when digitalization was taking the world by storm, I became more of an addict to its new technologies. 

The above digital passion is made to respond to your recent online advertisement now.  I was amazed on looking at the credentials of your esteemed company's credentials on the net. With my aim to gain experience in such an excellent and innovative company abroad, I am applying to you via this letter.

As for my credentials, right after completing my MBA, I started working as a digital marketer in a renowned digital marketing company in Delhi.  I learned a lot of marketing skills, especially of the innovative new digital technology products released periodically.

For the last two years, I have been working as a digital marketer. I am engaged in a lot of digital marketing activities like

  • Advising companies to identify the right digital development companies as per their needs
  • Organize and support content for overseas companies for their digital content needs
  • Help companies with the right digital products to increase traffic and its conversions for better ROI
  • Create social media campaigns for companies to improve their engagement with customers
  • Provide digital technical support to new startups and continue support with timely updating for their success

To gain international exposure and to develop digital marketing dealing skills, I am applying to be part of your promising company.  I assure you that I will do my best at all times for all activities for its development.

I will call you in February XXXX if it is convenient for you, with expectations of your positive reply to be part of your innovative team and creative company.


XXXXX Sharma


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