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How To Use Social Media For Job Search

January 27, 2022

When looking for a job, it can be a daunting task to look for companies and send your CVs to the companies and wait for their reply. There are now more ways to look for a job than the traditional way. The digital world in which we are living has opened a lot of doors to success.

Social media can be the best and most powerful method that will help you to get a job. Due to the variety of ways, you can use social media for your job, you can opt for networking to research potential prospects. We will assist you with the best job search tips that you can implement from this article and increase the chances of securing a job.

How Can Social Media Help With Job Search?

Social media has now become a part of our lives, but many do not know that you can also use social media for jobs. It does not matter where you are in your career. There is research that says that 84% of companies take the help of social media for recruiting, whereas the other 9% of those companies are now planning to use it for the same purpose. So if you are in the category of those who do not have a social presence, you will miss out on various opportunities.

Although it is a good chance to get more opportunities, social media jobs can sometimes be confusing because you may not know which platform you should opt for. The answer to this question depends on the industry you are working in, your goals, and what you're looking to achieve, from building the brand to connecting with the influencers who can lend you a hand when you are on a job hunt. You should know that each social media platform comes with its merit, and it is up to you how much time and effect you are willing to devote to each of the social media platforms and consider that platform that will benefit your career.

Social media changes most of the time. Due to this, you must keep up with the platform's evolution and look for methods to optimize the use of tools that are accessible.

What Platforms Are Best For A Job Hunt?

Out of all of the platforms, professionals agree that LinkedIn is the most essential when it is about searching for a job and you should without a doubt use this social media for jobs. Only having an account on LinkedIn will not be enough. You should know how to utilize it to the full extent.

If you are already on LinkedIn and want to opt for other social media jobs, you can also go to Twitter, as it is also a good option. You should know that it is not low maintenance. Twitter is amongst those social media platforms that are highly time-consuming, and it is better that you do not go for it if you do not have the time for it.

For using Twitter when you want to find jobs, it is better for you to follow the top influencers that are in the space and the executive you have worked with or you would love to work with them. Sharing and re-tweeting leadership pieces are essential things to do. For this reason, it is not a passive option.

Now that you know about social media and there are ways to use social media for jobs to help you out, follow the job search tips to promote the chances of securing a job.

Share An Online Portfolio

Suppose you want to use social media for searching for a job, to use it effectively. In that case, the initial step should be to create a custom-made blog, social media page, or portfolio website that can help you to showcase your previous work, and the potential companies can contact you through your portfolio.

If you aspire to become a journalist, you should create a simple website or blog that will showcase your articles. It is amongst the ideal ways to market yourself online, and when we talk about building a website, you will be able to build it in less than 20 minutes; keep in mind that the website would be basic without any fancy UI.

You can also go a little further and offer something fancy such as a YouTube video or make an online infographic in which you will be talking about your past experiences and interests. When you create an online portfolio, you will direct your potential clients or employers to your best work and attract them with your skills. You can later share your website on the social media pages or pin it to the top of Twitter and Facebook so that you can attract attention to your work.

Actively Search Jobs On Twitter and LinkedIn

It is essential to get into the frequent use and search for openings on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other job sites./p>

The job selection for LinkedIn is full of great opportunities, and there are also various handy features that you can take advantage of. For instance, there are some jobs with the Easy Apply function. In other words, all you would need to do is to send the resume.

You can try searching for specific hashtags such as #nowhiring, etc., with these. You will see the posts with links that will direct you to the job position. You can also search for those tags that you are interested in, such as if you are a content writer, you can search for #contentwritingjobs, etc. these will help you find jobs easily, and you may also come across companies that will be willing to hire you.

Edit The Privacy Settings

It is a general rule. You should always remember that it is common for companies to look at the social media of those they will be interviewing. And nothing is worse than getting a job interview and finding out that the pictures that were not supposed to be seen by the company are now with them.

If you use social media for jobs, there are chances that companies will also look at your social media to get to know more about it. For this reason, you should follow these job search tips.

If you have those pictures and videos that employers would not want to see, you must tweak the privacy settings. It does not mean that you hide all of the things from social media. Since social media is now a massive part of our lives, some employers may find it negative if they are not able to find out anything about you.

If you are not sure what the employer may find about you, you should Google yourself in the incognito mode. You can start by putting your name and the current employer into Google, and with this, you will be able to see what pops up.

By entering the email address into Facebook's search bar, you will be able to track yourself. Ensure that you are not logged in already, or your process will go in vain. Regardless of privacy, people can still see profile pictures on various social media platforms, so it will be wise to make them respectable.

Engage In Social Media Discussions

Liking and following the posts and profiles of the companies, people, jobs search experts in general that you want to attract is something that you should do.

You will find countless interesting discussions that may be happening across various social media platforms, which is a concern to every industry. Even if you are searching for a pretty niche area to get into, for example, the lawnmower preserves during the 1920s, it may be something in which you may have an interest.

You should always be alert on debates; you can set the Google alerts for the primary topics and search hashtags in Instagram or Twitter, looking for relevant groups to the industry.

When engaging in debates, ensure that you know what you are talking about and have a surefire way of impressing people. Ensure that the comments are accurate, well thought out, considerate of others, and are in the best language without any grammar mistakes.

Posting interesting articles and being updated with the industry's types of developments and challenges are among the best ways to prepare for any upcoming job interviews.

All In All

Social media is the best way of increasing the chances of securing a job. Although it is something that you will be new at, you will get the hang of it as you progress. Always know what you are doing and keep up with the updates of the social media platforms. These job search tips will help you in ways that will help you to secure the job for you.


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