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How To Make Your Resume ATS Friendly?

January 25, 2022

When searching for a job, it may sometimes feel like you are flinging on the resumes and the cover letters into the black hole. In other words, it may feel like it is not having any changes and progressing in the job search. It may doubt whether these applications are being read at all in the job portals.

You may have heard of the computerized resume scanners. They may sometimes reject the application before they reach into the hands of human hands. However, it is a fact that various companies get this high volume of applications.

The internet and the latest advancement in technology have changed the landscape of jobs. Those days are now ancient in which you will go to the workspace and speak with the manager, although these types of ways are still applicable in most small and local businesses. In these times, you are required to apply for the job online, which is a double-edged sword for all those in this process.

Role Of The ATS

Since you will have to physically fill and deliver the application or send the CVs and resumes and the cover letters with the help of snail, you can now apply for various jobs. If you can do it, more people like you are posting a lot of job posts. In other words, an open position is inclined towards getting more applications than firms that have countless resources to read.

It is where the ATS comes in. It helps the company narrow down the applications by getting rid of the resumes that are not in the guidelines of the ATS. There are ways of tackling this issue by making your resume ATS-friendly resume, which will increase your chances of securing a job for yourself. To help you out in how you can make aresumewith the bestresume tips that you can take from this article.

Apply For Jobs In Which You Are Qualified In

It is common for the ATS to get a bad reputation as the robots between you and the job you are applying to. Most of the recruiters only read 25% of the applications that they get from the job posts. This is because most of the applications come from those who are not qualified for the work, and some of them were almost completely irrelevant. For this reason, it is fair for the ATS to get rid of most of the applications. 

If you want your application to go through the ATS, you should make an ATS-friendly resume. To do this, the initial step is to ensure that you are qualified for the positions you are applying for. Although you should keep in mind that it does not mean that you have to go for all of the job qualifications or apply for the job you have been in traditionally.

In other words, if you are looking to change your career and want to apply for an entry-level job, make your CV in a way that will help you to get accepted for the job you are looking for.

Try to show off your skills, such as transferable skills, and if you have a bit of experience in the job position you are looking for, then only it is better to change the career. But if you do not have the core skills required for the job, it is better that you do not waste your time.

Do Not Apply To Tons Of Jobs In The Same Company

The ATS system is built to see all the roles you have applied to at a company. It is common for companies to see applications from the same person applying for all openings to the company. Doing this will make you look like you are not sure about your skills and abilities or whether you are interested in the job or not.

If companies have similar openings, you can. Without a doubt, you can opt for both positions. Or, if you have a broad range of skill sets and you will be okay with either of the roles, then it is better that you should apply to both job roles. But you must make two different ATS-friendly resumesfor the specific job position you want.

But it is essential to know that you should not apply to both entry-level and director-level jobs. You should, without a doubt, refrain from applying to all of the openings that a company may have.

Doing this shows that you have not considered taking the time for the accurate role in which you are suitable, which will make the recruiter not make time for you. These resume tips are critical to follow as recruiters look for someone professional in a particular job post.

Include Correct Keywords

ATS comes with a tracking system especially programmed to do when it reads the resume is the same as a person. You must take the help of the resume builder, which will help you make an ATS-friendly resume. The ATS is that it scans for the key pieces of information to find out whether you are a good match for the job opening or not.

The algorithms for the ATS are the same as the humans. When we talk about resume tips, you must make it in a way that the ATS approves. To do this, ensure that the key information is there and easy to find amongst how the ATS narrows down the pool of applicants by searching for targeted keywords. It is almost similar to that of the Google search but on a smaller scale.

The employer can decide the keywords to search for. It is usually for the skills, experiences, qualifications, and qualities. These are the top and important for a job. For beginners, it may mean certain majors, whereas when the job post is for the tech position, the keywords may linger for certain coding languages.

To make theATS friendly resume, you need to include the essential keywords on the resume. You should look for the hard skills that appear multiple times in a posting and are mentioned near the top of the jobs.

There are some hard skills such as software types, spoken languages, methodologies, and other abilities that are easier to quantify. 

Include Keywords In Context

ATS comes with the ability to recognize a key skill and experience that is present. But interpreting the value and the strength of the experience is something that humans need to do. Humans are looking for those people who know how to use their skills. 

It is obvious for an employer when you have beautifully included the keyword in the posting without putting it in a specific personal achievement. You must keep in mind that you will not be the only person adding the keywords to the resume. If all people use the same description for the job and keywords, what will be left for you that will make you stand out from the crowd.

When writing the resume and describing the past and current job positions, you should add the bullet points and use metrics and numbers to highlight them. Rather than telling the recruiters about the job and your skills, it is better to show them how you have used it and the results. With these resume tips, you will be able to do this. You can also take the help of a resume builder that will help you make the resume according to the ATS.

Choose Right File Type

When we look at the debate of the best resume file type, there are only two applicable types: Docx and .pdf. PDFs are the best for keeping the format intact. The .docx format is parsed accurately by the ATSs.

So when making an ATS-friendly resume, you should use a .docx file. But you should also follow the directions of the job position in which you want to apply. If the requirements are to send the PDF file, you should use a PDF file.

Do Not Include Too Many Formatting

You may not like it, but you should get rid of the resume template. When speaking with the managers and employers, they will tell you that the fancy resumes are hard to read for the ATS but them as well.

To scan the resume for the relevant keywords, most ATSs tend to convert the document to a text-only file. So it may result in losing the fancy formatting. You should avoid using tables, logos, and excessive bullet points in the resume, as these are those that make the resume hard to read.


These are some essential resume tips that you should follow if you want to make an ATS friendly resume that will guarantee you a secured job. When making a resume that can get through the ATS is something that will impress employers and managers.


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