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How To Handle Resignations Professionally?

February 02, 2022

The process of resigning entails terminating your work or relinquishing your position is called resignation. Resignations can also refer to public announcements or letters that indicate your decision to retire. If you plan on quitting your job, you must do it appropriately and professionally. While resigning, you should give your company ample warning and compose a professional resignation letter. It is essential to do all of these professionals to maintain a positive impression which will, in turn, get a well-formed letter of recommendation. But most of all, you should plan for your future before submitting the letter.

When Should You Resign From A Job?

There are various reasons why you would want to quit your job. It is essential to keep in mind the viable reasons and circumstances that you quit your job. Let us now take a look at the reasons:

  • Sickness: If you are sick or one of your family members is sick, it could be a good reason for you to switch a job. Ailments are given a lot of importance in the work industry and are often treated as good reasons. Although some administrations provide you with Family and Medical Leave, please keep that in mind before you submit your resignation.
  • Education: Education can be a significant reason for you to quit. If you are going back to study, partially or comprehensively, it may entail a career change. You need to resign from a job in this situation because you may not cope with your educational timeline and job requirement.
  • Steady Job: If you are currently working as a temp or interning and find an organization offering you a permanent job, you should leave your current job and accept the new one. It can be used as a good reason for you to leave.
  • Disliking Your Job: If you find yourself not liking your job, it could also be a good reason for you to quit. Although, before you submit your resignation, make sure you find a new job to help you sustain your life. It is significant for you to plan your exit professionally to resign on your terms with a backup plan in action.
  • Unproductive Work Milieu: If you have hostile colleagues, managers, and workplaces, it can turn your job experiences into hostile ones. A job is a place where you should feel productive and driven, but all of these factors might ruin that experience for you and can also affect your mental health. If you are facing a situation, the best option is for you to leave.
  • Resettlement: You may come across several reasons in life that will force you to move to another city, state, or country. It will lead to you having to resign from your job. If there are prospects to transfer with the business organization or telecommute, you will have to quit your job while resettling. But if you do not have that option, you should consult with a job placement agency that will get you a suitable job in no time.
  • Intuition: If you ever find your instincts to quit a position, you may or may not want to listen to it. Instincts are usually the most acceptable methods to make decisions because only you can decide what you want. But they can also be sometimes wrong. It is better to think and process your decision and options in cases like these before quitting a job.
  • Finding Better Options: If you find a new and better job while still being at your previous job, quitting is significant. Jobs that are more satisfying, productive, and beneficial for you should be the ones you choose. But before you resign, ensure that you are doing so after exploring all your concerns, such as a verified employment offer, basic requirements, and a workable office. In addition to that, you should also take the help of placement consultants to get better recommendations for a new job.
  • Work Hours: Your work hours are an essential part of your job that may or may not make you want to keep your job. Work hours that fit your timetable well are significant. If you find yourself having trouble adjusting to the time needed, it can be a good reason for you to change your job. Work hours need to be flexible because time management issues can lead to several problems for you.
  • Career Development: There may be times when you want to change and improve your job experience. People often find themselves in jobs they have been doing for a long time and realize they want a career change. Changing occupations is a significant aspect for you to consider if you want to learn more things and not remain stuck in one.

These are some of the most valid and common reasons that might make you want to quit your job. It is significant to think about it before you make your final decision.

How Should You Resign From A Job?

You need to switch a job in the right and professional way in the job industry. It is critical to quit professionally if you want to maintain a positive reputation in your field. Let us now take a look at the pointers you need to keep in mind while resigning:

  • Compose A Resignation Letter That Adheres To The Company Rules: The first step in resigning is to write a letter stating your decision to quit and its reasons. Every company has a standard procedure that they want their employees to follow while resigning, and it is significant to follow them. Maintaining a positive and professional image among your co-workers is critical. It will help you in obtaining career references and recommendations.
  • When It Comes To Shifting Your Work, Be A Team Player: Even after you’ve submitted your resignation, you will continue to work until the end of your term. During this time, strive to be a good leader and team player and help your subordinates achieve success as long as you are still on the payroll. Not only that, but you should also finish your incomplete works and projects meanwhile. Give your successor pieces of advice and instructions to help them understand the job clearly.
  • When You Are Ready To Leave, Do It Professionally: The job industry is minimal and negligible. Suppose you are leaving your job. The professional world is far narrower than you think it might be. Moreover, references are given a lot of importance in this industry so you may need your previous company's recommendation to get a new job. Hence, switching and finding a new job professionally is significant, even if you hated your last job.
  • It Is Important For You To Resign In Person: Respecting your employer while quitting is significant in the business world. While quitting, you should do it in person or face-to-face, respectfully and straightforwardly. Resignations may be challenging to do in person but, they are an effective way to show your respect and sense of responsibility. Resignations letter sent via email forms a low impression of your work ethic.
  • Give Your Company Time Before Resigning: It is significant for you to give your company or employer at least two or three weeks’ warning before you resign. It will give your company the period it needs to transition and find a successor for your position. Not only does it make you seem professional, but it also improves your impression in the job industry.
  • Obtain Positive Feedback: While leaving a job, it is significant to get positive feedback because it helps you get good recommendations for the future. Aside from that, if you are a person who wants to gain experience by changing jobs frequently, you should give feedback a lot more importance. It will come in handy if you do not have a job lined up or do not have a placement agency to help you through the process.
  • Get Ready For Post-Employment Interviews: Various companies hold departure interviews to understand your reasons better. It is essential to prepare for an interview because it is just as important as an employment interview. Be ready with your answers and feedback about your company, work environment, and colleagues.


Resignations will be a part of your job experiences the minute you start working. It is significant to have the help of placement consultants to help you get better jobs that suit your requirements. In the preceding blog, you will find various reasons to help you understand why you might want to quit your job and how you should quit your job. We hope this blog will help you in the right way. Good luck!


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