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How To Get An Internship?

January 25, 2022

During the Covid-19 pandemic, internship opportunities have dramatically increased in many fields. An internship is not a full-time job opportunity. One should view an internship as an opportunity to gain professional experience to build a successful career in the future.

Most businesses hire experienced candidates these days. Thus, getting a job as a fresher is difficult. Even though you manage to get a job, the compensation for the fresher is below average. When you undergo an internship, you enhance corporate job opportunities. Internship adds experience to your belt, and thus you can find jobs with satisfactory revenue and perks.

Who should pursue an internship? How to get an internship opportunity? You may have several such questions in mind. Find a detailed guide on how to get an internship in the following section of this article.

What Is an Internship?

An internship is a temporary job, which is suitable for college students. After completing a college education, many people do not get job opportunities. You can increase your chance of getting hired by undergoing an internship program from a reputed company.

On the other hand, final-year college students want to add professional experience to their belts. Thus, they look for internship opportunities. Adding the experience of working as an intern will increase the value of your CV. Most companies prefer people with some sort of professional experience.

So, an internship allows you to get accustomed to the corporate work culture. At the same time, it increases your chance of getting hired by reputed companies.

Things to Know for Seeking an Internship

Before applying for an internship, one should know a few crucial things. Many companies claim to provide internship opportunities to fresher. Is the opportunity worthy for you? Nevertheless, internships can be both non-paid and paid. If you work for a company, getting paid for the job is an encouragement.

Internships also come with various terms. So, you need to know all the nitty-gritty of various internship programs before applying for them.

Know Your Internship Goals

Choosing an internship program depends on your internship goals. For some people, an internship is a way of earning during college days. Some students want to undergo internships to increase their hands-on experience in dealing with professional projects. So, what is your goal?

Many students seek both financial assistance and professional exposure through internships. Depending on your goal, you need to choose and apply for the internship programs. Well-known corporate houses offer internships for both short and long periods. They also pay the interns handsomely.

Stay Aligned with Your Career Path

An internship gives you a profound foundation for your future corporate endeavor. So, you must choose an internship program as per your professional aspirations. For example, you want to become a digital marketing expert. So, an internship as a digital marketing, SEO expert, and content writer will suit you.

The internship program must be relevant to your field of study to obtain better jobs showing your internship experience. Moreover, the internship program also helps you to learn crucial things related to your field of study. Thus, it will also help you to perform better in your academic career.

Time Commitment

Working in the professional field is a matter of commitment, and interns also need to show commitment towards their duties. For assuring commitment to the employers, you must understand time compatibility. Most interns have to balance their academic and professional careers.

So, who much time does the employer seek from you? What is the working shift? Getting clear answers to these questions is important before pursuing an internship opportunity. While showing professional commitment, you should not compromise time with your academic endeavor.

Compensation and Facilities

Most companies offer internship programs that feature compensation to the interns. However, it does not mean all companies offer compensation. Nevertheless, the compensation structure also varies from one employer to another employer. For example, law students work as interns under senior lawyers. In such cases, the interns may get compensation. However, the amount will not be high.

On the other hand, interns in the field of journalism can earn a good amount of money. While working as an intern, you can earn as much as freelancer journalists can earn. Apart from salary, many companies offer a few additional facilities to the interns. You must check salary, compensation, and facilities before applying for an internship program.

Remote Internship

Along with regular internship programs, the remote internship has also become popular these days. You can work from your home or any place of your choice. The companies manage remote internship programs through virtual workstations.

A remote internship is also a good thing for the students, as they can conveniently work from their home or hostel. Another good thing is that remote jobs offer more time flexibility. You can select working hours at your convenience. Nevertheless, there will not be any traveling expenses and hassles.

How to Find an Internship Program?

Students can use multiple channels to find suitable internship programs. In the following section, find some mediums for finding the internship opportunities.

  • Newspaper Ads: If you keep an eye on newspaper advertisements, you will find many internship-related advertisements. Most advertisers attach their contact details with the ads.
  • Magazine Ads: Magazine advertisements are similar to newspaper ads. You will notice ads regarding internship opportunities in career-related magazines. You will find more information in magazines than in newspapers.
  • Online Classifieds: Many online classified websites are available today. You can check updates on such websites to find internship opportunities. Both small and large enterprises use online classifieds for featuring their internship ads.
  • Social Media: Today, social media is also a place for finding crucial information. You can search for internship opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Find a Good Recruitment Agency

The best way to find professional, reliable, and satisfactory internship opportunities is to register with a well-known recruitment agency. Staying in touch with a recruitment agency will help you to get frequent updates on various recruitment opportunities. The best thing is that recruitment agencies analyze your profile and refine the opportunities as per your competency and academic background.

Another benefit of choosing a recruitment agency is that you will find authentic internship opportunities. Sometimes, frauds give internship advertisements on social media and newspapers. They take money from the applicants and never deliver any internship opportunities.

Last but not least, recruitment agencies will keep providing opportunities. When you are working as an intern, you may find better opportunities from recruitment agencies. After completing internships, you will also find jobs with lucrative compensation.

How to Get an Internship?

Getting an internship opportunity depends on many factors. An applicant will find many opportunities, though the competence and academic background of the applicant are crucial things. A professional and well-organized approach to seeking internship opportunities will eventually help you to a large extent.

Build a Perfect Resume

Even though you apply for an internship job, you need to build a CV with precision. Your CV should feature your personal details, contact details, and academic details. If you have already worked as an intern or part-timer, you should also add those things under the professional details of your CV.

When you have crafted the resume, you need to submit it to the recruitment agencies. Today, professional recruitment agencies have their websites or web portals. You can create profiles on those portals and upload your CV. The recruitment agency will find suitable jobs for you depending on the details of your CV. They will notify you through emails, text messages, etc.

A Letter of Recommendation

Getting internship opportunities will be easier when you have a letter of recommendation from a notable person. Your college principal can write a letter of recommendation. The employers give priority to the applicants who have a letter of recommendation.

Build Your Portfolio

For obtaining internship opportunities as a graphic or web designer, you need to craft your portfolio. Instead of the printed portfolio, students can also make a digital portfolio. Applying to an internship program with a portfolio enhances recruitment chances.

Attach Cover Letter with Resume

When you apply for a job, you have to attach your resume for your application. Along with the CV, you should add a cover letter. The cover letter should give a brief overview of your internist for applying to the particular internship program. A good cover letter is precise and attention-grabbing.

Prepare for the interview

Applicants have to undergo an interview session. During the interview, you will face many questions from the interviewers. Answering those questions with confidence is the key to finding the right job. Participating in group discussions, workshops, and mock interview sessions in the college will help you gain confidence for the internship interviews.

In A Nutshell

So, these are a few crucial things that interns must know for finding suitable internship opportunities. Working as an intern opens many avenues of opportunities for your professional endeavor. You can fast-track professional growth through undergoing internship programs under reputed employers.


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