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How To Dress For Your Job Interview

December 07, 2021

The interview allows the candidates to prove their worth as the recruiters judge the overall presentation and personality of the candidates. The right attire for a prospective candidate is extremely important as it is the first thing that the interviewers notice about him/her. The perfect interview dress leaves a lasting impression on the interviewers and helps them evaluate the overall presentation of the candidate.

Best attires for different types of interviews

Your attire for the interview that you appear for tells a lot about you to the interviewer. They say that the first impression is the lasting impression, and it holds in interviews. Therefore, it is important to understand the interview setting, for example, whether the interview is for recruitment in a big corporate or a startup. One can easily search the company background and work culture beforehand to better understand the right dress for the job or which attire will most likely be considered acceptable in the organization.

Many startups do not focus much on attire; rather, they pay more attention to the comfort of their potential employees. It does not mean that you can walk into an interview in pajamas and slippers; it simply means that since casual attire is allowed, the candidate can opt for jeans and a t-shirt. Similarly, if you are applying for a big corporate organization, heading into the interview dressed in your swankiest party attire is also a no-go. It would help if you took care to maintain the sobriety of the attire in such cases. A simple formal suit for both male and female candidates is recommended in such a scenario.

Many functional roles require the employees to switch between formal and casual wear as per the job demands and the situation. Attire might not be a judgment criterion for selecting the best candidate for construction industries, heavy engineering plants, drilling and oil fields, construction industries, heavy engineering plants, drilling, and oil fields. It also doesn’t mean that the candidate can wear whatever they want. In such scenarios, it is always better to ask the Human Resources team for the allowed or acceptable outfit to appear for the interview. It helps the candidate and the HR team stay on the same page and makes it easier for the interviewer to focus on aptitude rather than the candidate's personality.

Tips for the right dressing

Contrary to popular belief, formal dressing is not always a go-to dress for interviews, especially creative jobs. Similarly, as we pointed out in one of the previous sections, overdoing is a deal-breaker too!

So what to wear?

Here are a few tips to help you get through one of the most dreaded questions among job seekers.

  • Prioritize comfort: If you are not comfortable with your attire, there is a high possibility that your confidence will take a beating during the interview. Being comfortable means wearing what appeals to you. With the latest variety of formal and semi-casual attires in the market, you can mix and match to achieve a sober yet comfortable dress for the job.
  • Avoid too dark or too bright colors: Wearing neutral colors helps you gel in the environment in no time. Cool, comfortable colors also signify that you are confident and prioritize things that matter, rather than chasing superficial things in life. Cool colors are also soothing to the eye and project a positive aura to the interviewer.
  •  Stay trendy: Avoid wearing designs/patterns older than two years. Instead, stay up to date and wear the right patterns that appeal to your personality. It signifies that you do not shy away from trying new things and are very much into the latest trends.
  • Dress like you are already hired: This is tricky to understand but a very effective strategy. Imagine yourself already hired for the role you have applied for, and you will get an idea of what type of attire others would like to see you in. You can take clues from the interviewers' dressing styles, or your to-be bosses' dressing styles.
  • Wear clean clothes:This is a no-brainer but is often overlooked, especially by fresh college graduates. Cleanliness is not only a virtue to live by but is also an essential element of any workplace. Wearing clean, well-ironed clothes signifies that you are serious about the interview and have spent time preparing for the same.

What not to wear in interviews!

Before understanding what to wear, it is important to understand what not to wear while heading for an interview. There are a number of factors that decide the right attire, but simple mistakes can prove costly in the long run. Youngsters need to understand the needs and requirements of the job and dress accordingly. Failure to dress as per the norms can result in failure of even making it past the waiting area in some cases!

  • Casual Wear: For first-timers, formal wear is the safest attire. Too casual or informal dresses can be distracting and the candidate may also sometimes come across as careless. However, laid-back atmosphere, some pieces of casual clothing like graphic t-shirts, abstract designs, patterns, and gym wear are strictly against the norms of a suitable interview dress code.
  • Ill-fitting clothes: Ill-fitting clothes are a huge deal breaker. Entering an interview hall donned in ill-fitting clothes reflects that the candidate is not careless and lacks confidence. It also signifies that the candidate is not comfortable in his/her own skin, and lacks the attitude to face challenges.
  • Flashy jewelry or accessory: Flashy jewelry or accessories have a negative impact on the interview process. This is because the attention of the interviewer should be on your answers and body language, and not something distracting as a flashy accessory. If you have a tattoo, you should consider covering it up properly, or partially, whichever is manageable.
  • This is especially a point which many of the female candidates ignore. Too much makeup for a job interview can be distracting, as well as a signal that the candidate wants to cover up their shortcomings or insecurities under the veil of makeup. Light, sober makeup is sufficient to make an impression that you are confident and ready to face any situation in a calm and composed manner.
  • Imagine sitting in an enclosed room for 45 minutes with a person bathed in perfume? This is exactly what happens when a candidate wears a lot of perfume or deodorant in an interview hall. This is uncomfortable and annoying to the interviewer, and instead of helping you crack an interview, it can end up hurting you.
  • Flashy or revealing clothes, just like jewelry, are distracting and can make female interviewers equally uncomfortable at the same time. Care should be taken to maintain the proper decorum of the interview hall. Even if you are heading for a job at a Fashion house, it is recommended to remain as sober as possible.


The candidate's overall personality is a soft signal for the interviewer to decide whether to hire him/her or not. It means the right approach and preparation can work wonders for candidates. The better you look, the harder it is for the interviewer to ignore you. Similarly, a good-looking and sharply dressed candidate should also be smart enough to tackle the question thrown at them. You can always seek out professional help to succeed at the interview for any job in any industry!


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