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Common Pitfalls in Hiring AI/ML Professionals and How to Avoid Them

March 01, 2024


According to a Glassdoor survey, over 76% of recruiters find it difficult to attract qualified candidates. This is also true for recruiting technical expertise with a variety of needs. 


Finding the right Artificial intelligence and Machine learning professionals is no easy task. By onboarding unsuitable candidates, businesses often have to deal with slow growth rates, decreased profits, and stalled projects. To build in the AI space, having a well-qualified and capable team is the prime requirement. 


Today, we will list out the most common pitfalls in hiring AI and ML professionals and the best ways to avoid them to help you overcome the challenges and ensure a smooth hiring process. 


  • Geographical Barriers


Geographical restrictions limit hiring options to local talent, narrowing the search. Businesses face the challenge of finding the best fit from a limited pool of choices.


Global talent search expands the pool of top experts available for hire throughout the world. The post-COVID-19 boom in remote employment offers corporations the ability to hire globally. Expand your horizons and gain access to top-tier global talent for your specific requirements.


  • Credential-based Hiring


CV skills alone may not suffice for handling AI and ML needs. Businesses often err by relying solely on CVs, overlooking true capabilities. This leads to candidates embellishing their CVs with falsehoods.


Contrary to relying on CVs, evaluating candidates' practical skills and understanding is crucial. Only those with practical expertise shine in such assessments. Despite being time-consuming, never skip the practical assessment step when hiring AI/ML professionals.


  • Programming Skills Consideration


Companies often assess AI/ML skills but overlook programming proficiency, a critical aspect of completing any product. Ensure candidates possess strong programming abilities for comprehensive suitability.


To secure top talent, conduct programming assessments to gauge candidates' skills thoroughly. Engage them in real-world tests requiring research and practical application to assess depth of expertise.

Wrapping Up

Spot and avoid common hiring pitfalls by learning from past experiences. Modify your hiring process based on insights gained, ensuring future success in hiring top engineers aligned with your goals.


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