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3 Effective Ways To Check If Your Candidates Resume is Inflated

January 11, 2024

A recent Monster study indicates that about 85% of recruiters agree on applicants inflating their skills to land a job. Failing to identify these loopholes can cost significant time and money to your company, keeping the business reputation at stake. 

Having over two decades of experience in helping companies find their right fit, our experts have put together 3 effective ways to identify if your candidate’s resume is genuine. These proven techniques have enabled us to create authentic hiring pools with candidates having legitimate credentials.

Today, let us look at these three unique ways and how they can help you:


  • Similarities in Roles and Responsibilities


Carefully examine the candidate's roles in each past employment. Extensive similarities in responsibilities may signal resume inflation, where the attempt to depict a broader range of experiences could be misleading. One of the best ways to combat this issue is by going beyond surface-level questions in the interview rounds and asking more about the candidate’s role at the previous workplace.  


Consider engaging directly with past employers for clarification. Another effective approach is to conduct tailored assessments aligning with the specific challenges outlined in each role on the resume. Our experts believe that this method reinforces the authenticity of the candidate's claimed responsibilities.


  • Unusual Job Titles


If a job title appears incongruent with actual responsibilities, it could signal an attempt to inflate the role's significance. During interviews, inquire specifically about the tasks performed in positions with unusual titles. You must go into these details to get a comprehensive understanding of the candidate's experience.


Verify elaborate job titles by directly consulting previous employers to ensure consistency. Aligning with industry standards is also key to confirming that these titles align with expectations, enhancing the accuracy of our assessment.


  • Unclear References


You must exercise caution if those endorsing the candidate appear unsure. Focus on extracting specific, job-related details that shed light on the candidate's role in previous projects, avoiding broad questions during the reference verification process.


Additionally, consider reaching out to individuals who may have collaborated with the candidate but are not listed as references on the resume. Leverage your professional network to gain insights into the position and to develop a deeper understanding of the candidate.

Bottom Line,

Spotting signs of resume inflation demands thorough scrutiny, going beyond a surface-level check. It's crucial to meticulously review all applicant details before arriving at a final decision. After all, the right resource can significantly impact your company's overall performance.


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