Jun 04, 2018

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving for a Job

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You’ve found that perfect job, with the perfect company, and the perfect salary. Only problem? It’s in another city/country/state. If you’re planning to move, here some questions you need to ask and consider, before committing:

1. Are there any Relocation Packages/Benefits?.

A lot of companies have tie-ups with relocation companies and moving services to make things easier for their employees. Find out if your company does too. You can get some nice deals this way. But, make sure you get all the details, so you don’t have any unpleasant moving or transporting-related surprises. Also, will there be a relocation stipend? That will definitely make things easy on your pocket.

2. Do you provide temporary Housing?.

And for how long? Some companies will set you up in a hotel or a service apartment for as long as a month, or as short a period as seven days. And some give you a relocation stipend, and expect you to find your own temp housing. Google, check online housing portals for good places, or call a local realtor for help. Maybe your company has a list you can use.

3. What will be the cost of moving to the new city?.

This is something you need to figure out yourself. That perfect salary you’re getting may seem perfect for the city you’re currently living in. But, will it be enough to live by in the new city? Can you even afford the rent? Can you save anything? Check out online cost-of-living calculators o figure this out.

4. Is your job secure enough for you to move?.

This is a tough one. is it a start-up that’s doing well or is it about to fold? Were they honest with you about the job prospects? Is it really a move forward and upward?

5. Do you even want to move?.

Do you? How much do you love where you live right now? it also brings to light how adaptable you are to new surroundings. Find out how culturally different the city is, and do they speak a whole different language? Talk to the locals, and try to get a sense of what daily life will be like for you. Ask about transportation, food, culture, etc. And finally, figure out what you’re leaving behind when you move.

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