Aug 27, 2021

Key Features That Your Applicant Tracking System Should Have

features of applicant tracking system
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Applicant tracking systems assist organizations in shortening the recruiting process. They can manage everything from prospect screening to interview scheduling. Talented job prospects recognize and appreciate a smart and sophisticated recruiting method. As a human resources expert, you need feature-rich recruitment tools to engage with exceptional people.

Here are ten critical aspects of your ATS that you must have in order to hire the right fit and increase your efficiency as a recruiter. An Applicant Tracking System, often known as an ATS or talent management system, is a user-friendly computer-based hiring tool that may assist recruiters in saving time and staying organized while searching for the finest applicants. 

Varied organizations have different demands, so it’s critical to select an applicant tracking system (ATS) that works with your hiring process.

Key Features:

1. Hosting a career page:

On your company’s website, you may post available opportunities on your career page. Many ATSs let you handle it right from their platforms. The ATS makes it simple to set up, with areas for you to post images, logos, descriptions, social sharing buttons, and other information to assist promote your opportunities.

2. Job allocation:

By posting your position on as many job sites as possible, you can optimize your reach and increase your chances of finding the right candidate. Applicant Tracking Systems are used by several big recruiting firms such as Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Zip recruiter, and other staffing agencies.

3. Applications for receiving and sorting:

After you’ve produced your job posting and sent it to several job sites, it’s time to begin reviewing applications by recruiters’ firms. Using an ATS, your applications from all recruiting firms are collected into a single database, where you can instantly examine and sort them. Many ATSs now connect with AI software, which uses intelligent automation to screen and select resumes by comparing candidates to the resumes of your existing workers.

4. Workflows that are flexible:

Each organization is distinct from the next. Sometimes the departments are also distinct. You should not be forced to follow an unusual method. Your application tracking system should be able to readily adapt to the needs of numerous department managers. 

Instead, search for a program with a customized workflow that allows you to include all of the steps your team will take to handle applicants, tasks, clients, and other records and procedures. You may create your own hiring phases, from initial candidate search through interviewing to making an offer and onboarding. A configurable workflow allows you to include numerous interviews, testing, reference checks, and other features.

5. Video Capture:

Check to see if you can add another layer to your recruitment program by allowing users to record short video replies directly within the system. This allows you to interact with prospects more quickly by having them reply to your screener questions and allows them to talk more directly to the recruiting firms.

6. Resume archiving:

When someone applies for a job with you, their resume is saved in your Applicant Tracking System. Even after the post is filled, the system retains all applications submitted. This can be beneficial if you need to hire more staff or if you believe the prospect would be a good fit for another position.

7. Tasks that have been automated:

The company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) should make life easier for your recruiting firm. One important aspect of this is its capacity to automate a variety of processes, such as publishing to numerous job sites and quickly connecting with thousands of prospects. If you have the appropriate ATS, you should be able to configure everything precisely way you want it and then let it do the rest.

An excellent applicant tracking system will include fast automation throughout the platform, allowing your team to always be prepared for the next step. Additionally, using communication and workflow sequences helps your teams to standardize normal communication pathways and create a uniform experience for applicants, clients, and other contacts.

8. Sharing on social media:

Many Applicant Tracking Systems are developed with this in mind because social media can be a wonderful asset throughout the recruiting process. These technologies allow you to easily distribute your job posting across numerous social media networks with a single click.

9. Searching:

When you have a lot of material to go through, search features come in handy. Users may utilize the built-in search to rapidly locate the individual they’re searching for without having to sift through hundreds of other resumes first. If they want to study a candidate’s application or print it out before an interview, having an excellent search tool makes it much easier to discover someone.

10. Tools for reporting:

Many businesses do not track their employment process, despite the fact that they should. Applicant monitoring systems with statistics may calculate factors like cost per hire, time to recruit, number of applications received, and so on. Hiring managers may then utilize this data to reduce the time it takes to hire or the cost per hire, as well as attract the top candidates for the job.

Briefly, we can say:

As the employment market continues to develop and evolve, Applicant Tracking Systems will be critical in assisting recruiters in reaching out to more qualified individuals.

With more people seeking new employment than ever before, adopting an ATS provides your firm a competitive advantage by allowing you to stay organized and on top of the hiring process. The more elements of the employment process that a firm can automate, the faster it can hire. The quicker a company recruits and staffing agencies, the more likely it is to attract the top individuals and avoid losing out to competitors.

Regardless of the technology, 96 percent of companies polled said adopting an ATS has helped their hiring. With the increased recruiting volume and today’s competitive employment market, now may be the ideal moment to invest in an ATS.

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