Why Techgene?

Find the right people, right here.

With more than a decade of existence and an eye for talent, Techgene is here to find you the right resources for your IT staffing requirements.

Today, the IT market is highly competitive with no dearth of talent. Finding the right fit is the key to success. Thanks to our keen recruiters and a rigorous hiring process, we will find you people who are ready to get things done, and done well.


Contract-to-Hire Staffing

The contract-to-hire model let’s you, as the client, to hire staff with the option of making them your permanent employees. This way, you can hire staff, assess their performance on-the-job, see if they fit into your company’s culture and then decide to hire on or not.


Contract Staffing

For your short term IT staffing needs, a contract staffing model might be a better idea. This not only helps deal with any attrition problems you may have, but also to hire just the right number of talented people for upcoming projects, and keep costs low.


Direct Hire or Permanent Hire

Clients need the best possible IT talent they can afford on board. We find them. Our recruiters help with direct staffing as well, wherein we find, assess and hire great people with talent for your company.


Project Staffing or On- Demand Staffing

Have a project coming up that requires highly specialized talent? Or perhaps you’re faced with some other situation that requires IT talent right away. We step in to find project-based IT staffing. With our connections, we find talent to suit your needs on a short notice.

For all your IT staffing requirements, fill this out, get in touch with us and let us know what you need.


Here are some nice things our employees- present and former say about us.


I have worked with Techgene for a very long time and it has been one of the best organizations I’ve worked with. I like that the management structure and processes are so well defined. Lots of support is provided to learn and advance in our careers. It is an ideal place to contribute to work that matters- and to be recognized for the same. I have and I will continue to recommend this firm.

iPhone Developer


"From my first interaction with Techgene, I realized the company was fully committed to offering the highest level of services to its employees and it's clients. I’m faced with new challenges every day and my management team provides me with the information and support to overcome any roadblocks. They enable you to think outside the box and help clients identify new solutions to help their business grow. They have a very collaborative atmosphere and provide strong and stable opportunity for growth. Their training program is very detailed and you’re given all the necessary tools to succeed in the highly competitive IT workspace.

IT Consultant