Data migration tends to get complicated. Moving large amounts of data between computer systems or into a new format comes with risks. Luckily, we have a solution.

What’s on offer?

Techgene offers a one-stop solution for all data migration challenges through our Pelica Migration Services. Our technically-proficient professionals ably use the Pelica Migrator tool to mitigate risks and boost your productivity during migration cycles.

We are quick to anticipate and respond to any challenges that pop-up with customized solutions.

What exactly does Pelica do?

Service Features

  • Relational Migration/Data Integrity: Migrates relational tables (RDBMS) as embedded documents or collections into NoSQL (MongoDB) data base
  • Column Selection: Allows you to Select/Unselect the columns of the tables to migrate
  • Version Controller: Maintains the history of the selection of tables and columns that have been migrated


  • Easy to migrate data
  • Mitigates data risks and complexities
  • No skewed data post migration
  • Saves time and effort
  • Boosts your productivity

Want to give our tool a go?

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If you have more questions, go through these FAQs.

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The RDBMS supported are MYSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase and DB2. The Pelica Migrator helps with first time NOSQL set-up for users who want to use MongoDB as back end while migrating data from any of the supported RDBMS.

Go to Click on “Download Trial.” Provide your name and a valid email address, and the download link will be sent to your inbox.

No, the Pelica Migrator trial version is free for download and no Credit Card details are required.

No, it is browser independent. It is designed to run on any kind of browser.

Yes, it runs on local host using IE port 8080.

Pelica Migrator can be deployed on any web server, like JBoss, Apache Tomcat, etc.

  • The minimum JRE version required is 1.6 for running this tool on your system.
  • The war file can be deployed on any of the J2EE compliant servers that work for JDK 1.6 and above.
  • Install MongoDB 2.4.X version.
  • Google Chrome browser has to be installed on the system as the current version was tested on the Chrome browser.

You can download MongoDB at

Enter valid connection parameters like Host Name, Port Number, User Name, and Password of your RDBMS and MongoDB connection details, and make sure both the database servers are up and running.

Yes, you can select multiple child tables for a Parent table and migrate to MongoDB.

In the trial version, you can only migrate 5 tables (including child tables) and 10 documents in each table.

When you click on the “Get Status” button, you can see the summary of total documents inserted, skipped and the percentage of data migrated in to MongoDB.

Yes, Pelica Migrator tool keeps track of migrated tables and the respective columns.

Yes. The tool migrates relational data in the form of embedded collections into MongoDB.

It takes three to four hours to migrate 100GB data with 2 or 3 relationships in to MongoDB.

Pelica Migrator Tool handles exceptions efficiently. It is capable of showing every exception to the user with a valid message.

  • Version control: Tool can maintain migrated tables history.
  • Column selection: User can select the column they need to migrate.

For services and pricing details, do send an email to

Here are some nice things our clients have to say about our Pelica Migrator Tool.

Ilangovel Thulasimani

We were impressed with the commitment shown by Techgene towards our product development. We particularly are pleased by the skill demonstrated in the area of UI design and User experience. We thus moved forward quickly to give Techgene our corporate website development project as well. We consider Techgene more as a development partner now and would definitely consider them first for any future projects Corsalite undertakes.


Care Ticker

“…We were looking to expand our product offering from one application to an enterprise offering for the healthcare industry. Techgene worked with us with initial ideations, concept refinement, requirements gathering and all aspects of project development. The team at Techgene was top quality in every aspect of our partnership. Our Techgene project team was responsive, accessible and always striving to deliver an exeptional product for our users. We would highly recommend their firm for any aspect of technical services that an organization is looking to contract with.”

Aaron Brummer

Techgene team is excellent. The project I had them work on was very labor intensive and technically difficult, but, they did a great job rising to the challenge.”


Umashankar Kumar

Techgene enthusiastically come forward to take up this challenging task [of creating an Android app accurately captures the current status of the trains in the rail system of Hyderabad city] and delivered exemplary result. I hold the team of developers from Techgene in high regard not only for their commendable lT skills but also their disciplined and responsible approach to the assigned task.

Sr. DTSE, South Central Railway.