Sep 20, 2021


how to write perfect job cover letter
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Many people believe that there are not enough high-quality jobs and far away due to the Covid. The truth is that regardless of the economic uncertainty that the pandemic has caused, there are still many great openings available. To secure the job position, you must capture the manager’s and employer’s attention. You can do this by writing compelling and eye-catching cover letters. If you do not know how to write an eye-catching cover letter, we have given some of the key components that will help you write the best cover letter to help you secure the job position.

Keep it Simple

Although describing your worth and skills on one page can be challenging, you should not go overboard. Your cover letters should be about a page or less. You should know that the longer the cover letter is, the more chances of you losing the attention of the manager or employer.

According to the managers and the employers’ thinking, they consider the ideal cover letter length to be about half a page. Since the managers are busy people, they look for a resume that catches their attention instantly. If you can write about yourself in 200 words, it is an excellent feat. Do not feel tempted to add more words to fill up the space.

The maximum word length is 400, but the 300-word count is the sweet spot. If the cover letter is lengthy, you should remove all the unnecessary information and leave the essential information in the cover letters.

Leave White Space

You do not want to have cramped or crowded information. It makes you look like you are sloppy and unprofessional. You should include space between the greeting and the body of the letter in your signature. Appropriate margins are essential for the cover letter.

An excellent and tidy cover letter is easier to read than the overloaded one, filled with unnecessary information. The manager responsible for hiring will thank you for not wasting their time with the unnecessary information. Always make the cover letter concise and to the point, mention your strengths and skills and other essential information.

Use Appropriate Font Style

A cohesive font with the resume materials will give an impression that you have your life on point and know what you are doing. A clean and readable font style such as Arial and Times New Roman on the cover letter and resume can help you look more professional and neat.

Ensure that the font size is set to 12 as it is the default font size. Avoid distracting eye elements such as colored, highlighted, or capital letters.

You can use italics and bold to emphasize the key information or bullet points to specify some information you think the reader should read.

Customize the cover letter to the specific job role

Do not use the same cover letter for every job position you see out there. Doing this will result in a bad reputation. A cover letter targeted to the job at hand will help you make a better first impression. You should write a cover letter that employers cannot ignore by tiring up the job elements that match the requirements of the job you have applied to.

Do some research and add facts that will help you with your claims. For instance, if you want to apply for the manager position, you should mention the budgets and number of team players you have worked with. If you are applying for a sales job, it is better to describe the specific sales goals you have helped the company achieve.

Additionally, you should highlight the talents to further personalize the cover letter by showing your familiarity with the specific job, employer, and position type.

Boast about your past achievements

Companies usually look for someone who loves their work and someone confident. They know that these people are the ones who will perform better and serve as the stronger team members.

Companies look for those who will take in the attitude that will help the company to grow. You should refrain from bragging a little bit about the prominent and successful achievement.

Here is a sample that will help you:

Hello XXXXX,

I am driven by passion from my XXXX University days while pursuing my MBA degree to become an innovative digital marketer. Since those days were the time when digitalization was taking the world by storm, I became more of an addict to its new technologies. 

The above digital passion is made to respond to your recent online advertisement now.  I was amazed by looking at your esteemed company’s credentials on the net. With my aim to gain experience in such an excellent and innovative company abroad, I am applying to you via this letter.

As for my credentials, right after completing my MBA, I started working as a digital marketer in a renowned digital marketing company in Delhi. I am engaged in a lot of digital marketing activities like

  • Advising companies to identify the right digital development companies as per their needs
  • Organize and support content for overseas companies for their digital content needs
  • Help companies with the right digital products to increase traffic and its conversions for better ROI
  • Create social media campaigns for companies to improve their engagement with customers
  • Provide digital technical support to new startups and continue support with timely updating for their success

To gain international exposure and to develop digital marketing dealing skills, I am applying to be part of your promising company.  I assure you that I will do my best at all times for all activities for its development. With expectations of your positive reply to be part of your innovative team and creative company.



In a nutshell:

Having a good cover letter can increase the chances of securing the job position that you may be longing for for quite a time. If you are not sure what to include and exclude, you should take the help of someone who has enough knowledge and helps you make the cover letter that will help you secure the job position you want.

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