Sep 01, 2021

5 Tips On How To Land A Job With No Experience

how to get a job without experience
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Getting a job, particularly with no hands-on experience, can be fraught with ambiguity and contradictions. Because everyone wants to hire someone with experience, but how do you gain that experience if you are a fresher in the industry?

You know you’re ready and qualified for these positions, but without prior experience, it’s difficult to persuade hiring managers who are looking for experienced candidates. Not just this scenario but it is also difficult to get a job that requires freshers because any job ad will be receiving 300+ applications on average. So in this blog, we will tell you the 5 ways to get a job as a fresher.

5 pointers for getting a job if you don’t have any experience:

1. Start with working on yourself:

The first thing you should do is work on yourself. Determine what are your strengths. Write down the below questions:

  • Which domain you want to work in?
  • What kind of job role you are interested in?
  • What type of companies you want to work with?

Once you are sure about these things you know what you are looking for and it makes your job search easy. The answer will also tell you what you need to learn and on what aspects you need to do a little extra work.

2. Is your resume ATS friendly?

Many organizations have moved their screening process on Applicant Tracking Systems. These software scan your resume on the basis of keywords provided by the company/recruiter for any specific job role.

You need to prepare a resume that goes with the job description. Reading the job description carefully will give you the idea of what the company is looking for. You need to build your resume around it so it can pass through the ATS during the screening process. There are several websites that help with creating ATS friendly resumes and scan yours to identify improvements.

Even if the recruiter is looking at the resumes manually, do you know the average time they will be spending on your resume is 7 seconds? You need to catch their attention in these 7 seconds by making sure your resume speaks volume of who you are.

3. Tried writing a cover letter?

Without relevant job experience, you must persuade your future employer that you will be a valuable asset to their organization. But how will you do that? Writing a personalized cover letter can help you with that. Explain why this job appeals to you in detail. You can emphasize the characteristics and qualities that you believe will help you perform well at work. 

Make it clear that you are aware that you are a beginner but are eager to learn and then add an unstoppable amount of enthusiasm, passion, and determination. 

By focusing on what you can do rather than what you don’t have, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you can meet the requirements of the job you’re applying for.

Make sure you have a compelling career-starting story that demonstrates beyond a doubt that you are the ideal candidate for all types of jobs in a specific field. People will question you, so prepare clear and concise answers to why you want to enter this field, what you plan to do to achieve your goal, and what you have to offer. 

This is where you demonstrate your passion, combine it with all of your relevant skills and experiences, top it off with your education, and persuade everyone with whom you speak.

 4. Get in touch with professionals from your domain:

You must use your connections to get your foot in the door of your future employer. When looking for work in any industry, networking is essential. Ask them politely if they can give you advice on how to become a stronger candidate.

Whenever you see a job ad that you want to apply for also go through the company’s LinkedIn page and look for the people who are working in the field similar as yours along with their HR team. Connect with them to increase the chances of your application getting viewed and considered.

Don’t just blast out a bunch of emails with your resume everyone is busy, and inboxes are overflowing. Always make a connection before asking for advice or even favours.

5. Use your soft skills: 

Transferable skills can be a pleasant surprise! Transferred from one situation or job to another, demonstrating how you interact with others Interpersonal skills, organizational skills, leadership skills, and communication skills are examples of soft skills. 

Concentrate on your ability to motivate others, multitask, supervise, or speak in front of a group. If you can demonstrate why a certain soft skill will make it easier to learn a particular hard skill, you’ve basically nailed it. Highlighting your soft skills is another way to make yourself relevant to the company. Examine your core competencies or capabilities and relate them to the industry you want to work in.

In Closing:

Be patient, and be ready to start from the beginning. It may take some time to get your foot through the door, followed by the rest of your body. It may be exhausting at times and appear to be a half-baked idea, but if it’s what you really want to do and what makes you happy, go for it! Getting a job with no experience is difficult, but not impossible. Opt-out for a recruitment consultancy that can assist you with getting your first job.

You can demonstrate to your future employer why you are the best candidate for the job by emphasizing that you are a beginner but eager to learn and then add an irresistible or huge amount of enthusiasm, passion, and determination.

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