Jun 18, 2018

Staffing clues for the Holiday Season – How to gear up!

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It is that time of the year again when the Christmas bells ring. And with such short time at hand before this annual holiday season, we provide you an insight into how to be holiday-ready by planning for adequate staffing in your organization.

While Christmas is associated with lights, celebration and long leaves, it is equally important to realize that business and time don’t take a break. And while organizations continue to have deliverables and crucial work running round the clock, it is extremely important to have perfect staffing during Christmas.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 things you should do now…

  1. Start planning early: It might seem odd to start planning mid-year for a Christmas staffing, however, this will ease most of your woes and last minute hitches. Your clients depend on you 24*7 for their businesses which mean companies like you have their work and deadlines charted out well in advance. Your project plan would typically specify the exact amount of people needed during every phase of the project. Providing for backup / substitute staff in a holiday season is one of the key points to keep in mind while you are beginning to plan a project. This way, managers won’t face productivity issues while the whole world is in a party mood. Plus your clients will not have any performance issues either.
  2. Training your employees: It is important for people to know their job, and having said that, it is also crucial that every qualified employee is trained for crucial jobs. This way, productivity doesn’t suffer in absentia. The key to provide better customer satisfaction and service is perfect and consistent training of employees for excellent performance wherein the final result is always a win-win situation.
  3. Planning for the holiday season: Just as you have Christmas to celebrate, your clients or customers might have some other festival to accommodate in this month. Keep communication clear and plan work schedules accordingly to repose faith in your clients / employees. Specific details like no. of working days, work to be delivered, delivery dates, managers and their teams should be planned meticulously and at every stage, backup should be accounted for.
  4. Improving your brand image: We know you are ready to take all the pain it takes to be the best in the market and serve your clients 24*7 with perfection. But how will your clients know about your holiday readiness? How to make this a brownie point while you compete with several deserving rival companies? Your brand image is empowered ONLY by right communication at the right time, to your clients and employees. Your holiday planning and staffing arrangements should be one of the points that you highlight while your sales teams get you leads and clients. Ultimately, a customer only wants a company that can serve him even during the holiday season. You can win or lose customers depending on how well prepared you are, thus guaranteeing their association year after year.
  5. Social ads: Social campaigns and ads help you immensely in engaging new customers and retaining old ones. Facebook and Pinterest ads surprisingly work very well to tell people that you are holiday ready for the upcoming Christmas. That way, you keep your customers coming back to you and can provide complete customer satisfaction in a smart way.

Some don’ts about staffing for holidays:

  1. Don’t underestimate or overestimate your staffing. It is not necessary that too many staff will translate to excellent productivity. What’s important is, you need to have the right number of ‘responsible’ staff, to balance your work, time and dollars. A careful insight into previous years’ trends, areas that need more attention, etc. will help you devise the perfect staffing balance you need.
  2. Never hurry in hiring people who are not open about flexible work schedules. While a planned staffing timeline is essential for holiday seasons, it is also important that you have open minded employees who are ready to work depending on the work schedules and holiday season.
  3. Don’t overlook the trends and demands in your industry. Watch out for how your competitors are preparing themselves for the holiday season. Being aware of these will help you gauge what clients expect from companies like yours, and how best you can attract clients and retain the existing ones.
  4. Don’t forget to reward your best performers, the people who will typically slog it out at the rush hour and get your job done. It might be a team or an individual, but how you reward them and how much you regard them, will play a decisive factor in how consistently they would stand up for the company, at a crucial phase like the holiday season.
  5. Don’t leave your brand at risk, by not wanting to personalize the customer service in this holiday season. It is a fact that customers who get personalized attention and service, will want to give you more business year after year. And that’s exactly what you would want. Customize your greetings, some holiday gifts and perhaps a mailer that says your company will still keep working 24*7 despite the holiday, and see the real Christmas magic work. At the end of the day, it’s all about customer satisfaction and service.

TechGene specializes in customized staffing solutions for all your recruitment needs.

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Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru

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