Sep 10, 2018

Project Staffing

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Specialized attention for Standard Projects.

Every organization has its own set of project staffing companies which deal with as well collide and depending on the business growth and flexibility the project graph keeps changing. It could be a startup company with a new project or a vast well known company handling various projects in different stream, every project has its own set of members working on it and they are the ones who take special care in the success of the project staffing tenacity.

Now, How about having a team of specialized Project staffing members who understand you way of business being readily available to take the responsibility of giving you the right members to join your team and help in the successful run of the project completion? This is exactly what Project Staffing does.


Who wouldn’t want that? Project Staffing helps you handle the neck to neck competition running in the market in different streams. The candidates with numerous talents are available for jobs but the difficultly lies in sometimes the right candidate on the right platform you need for your organisation. Techgene Project Staffing helps you make your work simpler and effective. In today’s business environment organizations we need to understand that while we get our work done we also need to keep the cost of the project in mind and work along, increase in productivity and lowering costs to the company are the two main assets of successful completion of the projects. The work load throughout the year is not same and there is a fluctuation the graph of the work load which could cynically increase or decrease, working with an effective team helps the company pull off the pressure and the employees are the ultimate people to handle the projects. As Techgene Project Staffing we are the proud owners of Project Staffing Services helping our clients with the needed requirements with their project management, project planning, and functional staff consisting of experienced professionals.

Our abilities for the project staffing include the availability of the facilitating flexible, temporary staff who match the organizations culture, and team up for the project with their hands on experience in different projects. The candidates will be highly trained, experienced, and will always be willing to have the right attitude at work. Examples of the skilled professionals for the success of the project include:

Project Managers.

Program Manager.

Project and Process Facilitators.

IT specialists.

Planners and Schedulers.

Cost and Budget Planners.

And others.

So, what roles do all these people play in the successful completion of the project?

The project Manager will handle the complete team members with utmost seniority, and will be the key person to execution of the project with the help of his team members. The complete team will focus on the cost and budget planning which is an important aspect and next the planner and scheduler will take the lead. The IT specialist is the key person to deal with the execution and needs to be a specialist. So when all the team members collide and that is when the project gets the result desired and for that to execute having the right people on board is the main factor an organization concentrates on and Techgene Project Staffing helps you do it.

Through the years Techgene Project Staffing, has amassed a collection of resources that enable in tackling any project, regardless of the complexity and scale. Our team has the flexibility to help you plan, develop, implement, and manage array of initiatives. It all starts with finding and deploying the ideal talent both internally and externally with the proper skill sets. With our deep pool of tech professionals and consultants, that’s where we excel most.

We do not just believe in providing temporary and flexible staffing services to our clients but we are pleased to deliver specialized project staffing expertise with much experience. Our personals excel in transferring their knowledge, not only completing the task but also giving our clients the resources they need to optimize the projects and process going forward. With our Project staffing services, your organization will emerge better equipped to face the toughest challenges.

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Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru is the Founder & CEO of Techgene. he has successfully delivered services in the Industry for over 16+ years and is an expertise in Onsite/Offshore project management and also experience emerges in Mergers & Acquisitions. Educational Qualifications include Masters Degree in Systems Science.

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