Pelica Migrator

One click data migrator tool
mysql-mangodbAs your business grows, so does your data! Data Migration is a complex process than more people think which normally results in bad data in the targeted application. Techgene’s pelicaMigrator is a very powerful tool used to migrate data from MYSQL to MongoDB. pelicaMigrator enables a less constrained mechanism for migrating & retrieving data using the internally built intelligence to maintain the same kind of the relationships as those maintained in MYSQL, although these are not supported in NOSQL. The transfer of data from MYSQL happens in such a way that 100% data integrity is maintained. Powered by its in-built intelligence, pelicaMigrator supports both simple and complex data migrations without any issues during the migration process. Even from the performance stand point, the indexing of data that needs to be migrated, is always maintained so that the insertion of the data remains faster. The current roadmap of pelicaMigrator also includes Oracle & DB2.

Prerequisites for using this tool:

In simple steps, the migration process can be explained as below:


Pelica Migrator: Tool redefining RDBMS to Mongo DB migration

The screen flow is as follows:

Users require accepting the terms and conditions for using this tool. This is the trail version of the migrator being shared

On the landing screen where the source and destination are provided, the mandatory fields should not be left empty


Once the connection between the source DB and target becomes active, the list of tables that is displayed on the screen is depicted below


A user is provided with the option to migrate the entire database or to check only the tables that needs to be migrated (by checking ‘Select All’). This option is available at the top of the window pane, on left hand side

On the right hand side of the screen, a window pane is displayed on clicking the button ‘Get Status.’ In that, the migration status is displayed that is happening on a particular table


If there are any error messages then the same is displayed in RED


Once the data migration is completed successfully then the user can log in to the Mongo DB and execute a Query to retrieve the data that has been migrated.

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