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Migrating RDBMS to MongoDB with PelicaMigrator tool
One click data migrator tool
any rdbms to mangodb migration Pelica Migrator is a tool that is used to migrate the data from the RDBMS to Mongo DB ( The list of the RDBMS that are supported are DB2, MYSQL, SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) The feature road map includes integration of the Hadoop and Mongo DB as of generation of the analytics …etc. for the data that is loaded from Mongo DB that is used by the Application ( This is an on line Mongo DB instances that are storing the data and Hadoop is used for processing the data in offline to get the near real time analytics out of that) This tool makes the first time NOSQL set up especially for the users want to use the Mongo DB as the back end who are using the above mentioned RDBMS to migrate the data. The tool internally uses intelligence to maintain the same kind of the relationships that are maintained in the RDBMS, even though those are not supported in the NOSQL.The data from the RDBMS is transferred in such a way that the 100% data integrity is maintained.The tool has the built in intelligence to support both the simple and the complex migrations of the data without any issue. From the performance stand point the indexing of the data that needs to be migrated is maintained so that the insertion of the data is faster.

Check out for the user guide for information on how to run the tool.

Prerequisites for using this tool:

In simple steps, the migration process can be explained as below:

rdbms to mondodb migration step 1

Pelica Migrator: Tool redefining RDBMS to MongoDB migration

The screen flow is as follows:

Users require accepting the terms and conditions for using this tool. This is the trail version of the migrator being shared.


On the landing screen where the source and destination are provided, the mandatory fields should not be left empty.


Once the connection between the source DB and target becomes active, the list of tables that is displayed on the screen is depicted below:

A user is provided with the option to migrate the entire database or to check only the tables that needs to be migrated (by checking ‘Select All’). This option is available at the top of the window pane, on left hand side.

On the right hand side of the screen, a window pane is displayed on clicking the button ‘Get Status.’ In that, the migration status is displayed that is happening on a particular table.


If there are any error messages then the same is displayed in RED.


Once the data migration is completed successfully then the user can log in to the Mongo DB and execute a Query to retrieve the data that has been migrated.

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