Jul 02, 2018

Middle Management Recruitment

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One of the biggest challenges in the recruitment arena today, is hiring for the top and middle level management positions. True leadership starts with middle managers and they are the fulcrum of operations between top management and the employees. Middle management involves positions such as Project Managers, Account managers, etc. who manage teams and their work, day in and day out. The new digital world today needs more than just a normal administrator, we need really good managers who can think out of the box and deliver exceptionally time and again.

The success of a project depends on how effective the middle manager is. The perfect three ingredients for successful middle management are Project management, Conflict & Escalation management and Client engagement skills.

Let’s have a sneak peek into what makes a perfect manager in the middle management level:

The convincing manager – A manager who can effectively sell an idea to their seniors and the team, is probably as convincing as a dream. Ultimately, the middle managers are the ones who interpret company strategies or policies and pass on the message to the employees, it is always essential to have a good interpreter who can convincingly communicate.

Pillar of motivation- The middle manager is the chuggington of the organization and only an experienced manager will be able to motivate the team and keep performance issues and communication problems at bay. Employees get inspiration from managers who lead by example and who can cooperate with them at all times.

Top notch managers – Middle managers should be transparent in communicating the project hurdles or performance issues with the top management, so that new business models can be devised and perfect solutions are arrived at. It’s not always a one sided management and they should also be capable of suggesting suitable answers to problems on the client side as well.

Implementation pro – After understanding the strategy of the company and the need of the project, the manager devises the perfect project management plan. This includes effective resource allocation, work allocation, timelines and problem solving.

Project plan – The perfect manager knows who needs to be allocated what work, what should be the deliverable and the resource count for each project.

While technology is developing at a terrific pace, it is natural for it to turn as a disruptor for a person like a middle manager in the organization. The need of the hour is all these skills put together along with an open mind for digital management as it is the age of big data, analytics and other emerging trends. A majority of companies now comprise of cross functional teams and business units, and a person who is entrusted to manage these teams needs to be as passionate, dynamic and multitalented as the project itself. A good middle management ensures that challenging digital trends do not puncture the foundations and vision of an organization.

Techgene is the emerging perfect destination for middle and top management hiring needs of organizations. We believe that middle management is much more about leaders and cooperation than just being mere managers.

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Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru is the Founder & CEO of Techgene. he has successfully delivered services in the Industry for over 16+ years and is an expertise in Onsite/Offshore project management and also experience emerges in Mergers & Acquisitions. Educational Qualifications include Masters Degree in Systems Science.

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