Feb 04, 2019

How IT Staffing firms can leverage the “relationship driven” approach .

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Staffing industry has always been “Relationship Driven.”

Staffing is a peculiar industry where the relationships have to be optimized from both the sides. On the one hand, understanding the client and their culture and their specific resource needs on a continuous basis. On the other hand, having a sound relationship base with the talent pool not just in sharing the opportunities with them, but also mentoring them and keeping them informed about the changing landscape of opportunities and skills requirements.

As a staffing firm, we’re at a unique advantage of being positioned at the need-delivery matrix.

  • There is a direct relationship we have with our clients: in terms of their skills needs, cultural fit requirements and evolving needs for the future. This relationship enables us to gain important insights about the future of resource requirements.
  • We have direct access with our continuously growing and evolving talent pool. We bring the knowledge we gain from our clients to them through programs and seminars so that they adapt and optimize their skills for greater suitability in the future.
  • In a unique way, we are positioned to understand the gap between the need and availability. We run several program to lessen the gap and be ready for any contingency future need proactively.

When we leverage this two sided relationship matrix, we find ourselves in the position of being ready proactively for every type of contingency resource need. We’re also not overwhelmed by a sudden requirement of a new skill, since we engage our talent pool actively in a proactive manner.

staffing firms,staffing agencies

At Techgene, we work proactively on bridging the slowly widening gap between: the organization’s customized skill needs and our talent pool. One of the reasons why we run our Bootcamp program, a six week customized program of training resources totally in alignment with the organization’s talent needs, is to lessen the gap, and be the change agent in the shifting dynamics of the staffing market.

We transform staffing. We provide talent. We’re your talent search engine!

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Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru is the Founder & CEO of Techgene. he has successfully delivered services in the Industry for over 16+ years and is an expertise in Onsite/Offshore project management and also experience emerges in Mergers & Acquisitions. Educational Qualifications include Masters Degree in Systems Science.

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