Oct 01, 2018

End To End Staffing

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Partnering with your needs from start to the end.

End to end recruitment process is the best choice any organization or a client can afford. Partnering with the staffing firm which will take care of all the needs of an organization understanding the core values is simply known as end to end staffing. Every organization has its set or processing when they have a requirement to hire. There is a team which has to collide with the other teams such as the HR team has to collide in discussions with the other teams of the office to know the requirement, understand it firmly and then the search from the pool of candidates applied starts. But how about shaking hands with a staffing firm where all these for you is done exactly the way you want it to be done without even a single miss? Now, this is called the end to end staffing functionalities.


So how does end to end staffing help?

Interview scheduling and follow ups.

From the pool of candidates who have applied, finding the right talent is definitely as task, as it is cost as well as time consuming. So, here we need an expertise that is excelled to do this job and gauge correctly. Work such as forwarding the resumes, coordination’s between the panel and the candidates, scheduling the interviews, and sharing the details so that the candidate reaches us correctly and even the interviewer is prepared for it is one of the functions done by end to end staffing. In most cases the first round will be taken by the recruiter or the manager, and after short listing the process takes the next step.

Here the other scenario could also be that, once the recruiter takes the first round coordinated by the end to end staffing firms, the resume will also be forwarded to the client who looks at it and takes a nod on the candidate’s profile after the staffing agency views and decides on it.

So after a brief talk on the candidate’s profile the second would be a written test or also can be called an online test to test the skill of the candidate, this could also be replaced with a telephonic round with the client directly. At the same time the client sends his list of questions to be answered from the candidate’s behalf and submits the list to the staffing agency which takes care of the end to end staffing process.

In the end to end staffing process, there will always be a constant interaction of the staffing company with the candidate to make sure the candidate gets the right information at the right time. As the candidate also keeps aggressively look out for a job the end to end staffing agency will make sure the best candidate deserves the job offered by the client.

Client role in end to end staffing

After the client gets a brief of the candidates profile and likes the profile after a short telephonic round, the next rounds will be scheduled as per the client’s discussions which will be scheduled accordingly.

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Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru

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