Oct 29, 2018


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A perfect matchmaker for an organization & the candidates.

In today’s competitive world there are wide range of companies and pool of candidates. While the candidates are looking for the right company the companies are looking for the right candidates, all we understand is that it should be a win win situation for both of them and Direct Placement Services is there exactly for this kind of scenarios. We often hear students who keep thinking of good job careers for them, or it could also be situations where people who are working short term want long term jobs or change of jobs, and that could be anywhere in the globe. Direct Placement Services does this for you.

The competitive world companies confront of many challenges they face in the business strophe where finding the right person for the right job with a suitable compensation is a mighty task. Business enterprises that need flexibility and the economy in the IT augmentation rely on good staffing services for Direct Placements. Techgene Direct Placement Services meets your expectations by conducting time tested, and customized skill assessments to ensure that you get the right candidate with the technical knowledge capabilities, which every client desires for to be a part of their organization. Today in a pool of many candidates where everyone has lil or more knowledge about IT, not all are good at implementing their skills at the right time with smart attitude, and we get you exactly this kind of candidates for your work roles. We thoroughly scrutinize the candidates to ensure they possess the soft skills necessary to succeed in an ultra-competitive world.

Through Direct placement services we ensure that we are the perfect dealers to match the requirements between your job requirements and the competency of the prospective employee. Direct placements enable you to leverage your strategic objectives making use of the right skills and objectives.

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Having huge industrial knowledge and good information, the services offered for direct placement services are unique and Techgene with hands on experience of over 15years excels in Direct Placement Staffing Services is providing career for the candidates for a long run. A fulfilling career requires constant review of adjustments, and to know where there are job opportunities which match exactly to your choice and interest requires skills and time, that’s where experts such as Techgene Direct Placement Services comes in.

Rewinding the past few years where there has been a downfall in the economy, industrialists were forced to take steps down and make lot of changes to adapt the new challenges; the good news now is there is a pull up in the graph and things are changing for good. There have been cost cuttings, and maintaining profitability was not easy, with the recovery phase being souring up, businessmen are trying strong to build, gain and win the competitions over other companies and this happens when they get the right candidate on board. Choosing the right candidate for any requirement is always a challenge for clients, it requires in depth understanding of all the requirements of the clients and staffing their requirements with professionals who have excelled in their positions have to take the job up, to find the suitable candidate. Techgene Direct Placement Services does it for you.

Techgene Direct Placement Services, excels at giving you the right candidate as the procedure we follow is a standard selection process as we ensure that the chosen candidates are the best match for the job role, given any assignments they do the best based on the given job description.


For direct placement services our exceptional recruiting processes firstly screen candidates from different resumes we receive as the market is flooded with IT professionals looking for good job opportunities. As clients of Techgene Direct Placement Services, we make sure to understand your culture, business, and technical’s to gain detailed insight.

We not only cater to the direct placement services, but also possess extensive experience in placing candidate for small and mid-size companies as well.

We are the best at what we do and stay in competitive spirits as we keep track of the best IT professionals, and find the right talent at the right time. We believe in building and strengthen our relationships which enable us to go beyond people who are available.

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Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru is the Founder & CEO of Techgene. he has successfully delivered services in the Industry for over 16+ years and is an expertise in Onsite/Offshore project management and also experience emerges in Mergers & Acquisitions. Educational Qualifications include Masters Degree in Systems Science.

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