Nov 05, 2018


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Dynamic employment with maximum Benefits.

You read it right. Which company or an organization would not want to collide with a staffing agency who will take all the efforts needed in getting the right person board irrespective of the job role being flexibly temporary. Here is where we refer to one the beneficial staffing services one’s company needs and that are Contingent Staffing Services.  For all those who want to be independently working, do freelance or be a consultant Contingent Staffing Services is your ideal work choice. Yours could be a start up or a big company with many branches would you want to test if you have the right person on board fitting into the role and have a check on how the candidate fulfills his/her responsibilities, then Contingent Staffing Services helps you do it with less effort from your end.

How does Contingent Staffing Services help?

When you have a specific need of skilled candidates, Contingent Staffing Services helps you find the right candidate explaining about the benefits these services provide. Benefit for the organization to do a reality check on the candidate’s performance and for the candidate you get the best flexible option. Most originations today are facing issues which are related to the increase in the market demand where every company and every client wants the best for them,  the budgetary constraints and of course the shortened deadlines. Budgetary constraints need specific planning to bring it in control and still maintain the best quality. Gone are the days when doing the projects with ample of time have faded, we need smarter people now to finish the work infact within the deadlines. Though all this might sound complicated, it is done with ease when you join hands with Techgene Contingent Staffing Services.

What does Techgene Contingent Staffing Services do for you?

Techgene Contingent Staffing Services can help you resolve any query by providing you with the flexible workforce to run your operational flow of business smoothly. Our Contingent Staffing Services enable employers to hire a candidate based for a specific required assignment. We help you hire the candidates for Contingent Staffing Services based on the requirement which could be for a short term or as needed basis which could also turn out to be for a long term perspective based on the talent of the candidate. This will result in enabling the clients to have smooth work functionality with maximum productivity and less hassles, stress. Techgene Contingent Staffing Services has been securing clients with best Individuals on contract base and contingent placements since 15 years. We can easily recollect of successfully placing thousands of qualified professionals across the globe for Contingent Staffing Services zone.

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For getting the right candidate for your organization, there requires the caliber to gauge and individual. We see that the candidates are securely calibered, motivated, and highly qualified that will invest much efforts into the short term assignment as they do for any long term perspective assignments. To do all this process of Contingent Staffing Services a success, the staffing requires to be efficient in understanding the trends, brandings, the right experience and a flexible approach. Over the past 15years Techgene Staffing Services has emerged as an the industry leader in Contingent Staffing Services being capable of providing the right candidates at the right time at any location on the globe which allows you to focus on your core business. Our proven capability and expertise to handle all your contingent staffing needs has an adhere approach which included, interviewing of candidates, background validation of their credentials and skillets test which they need to clear based on the interview rounds, short-listing, reference checks, legal compliance, and more.

We motivate short-term employees by educating them about the benefits of contract placements, as we want the candidate’s performance to hit the ground right from day one. Every candidate the company sees from Techgene Contingent Staffing Services will be thoroughly screened and pre-qualified but definitely there is nothing like seeing the person in action at work place. That is why with Contingent Staffing you will get an opportunity to get a full time experience if the associates have the right skills to do the job and make a happy team. Then you get the time to decide if you need the candidate full time. One thing for sure is once you get a candidate from Techgene Contingent Staffing Services sure shot is you will not have to worry.

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Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru

Kumar Kukunuru is the Founder & CEO of Techgene. he has successfully delivered services in the Industry for over 16+ years and is an expertise in Onsite/Offshore project management and also experience emerges in Mergers & Acquisitions. Educational Qualifications include Masters Degree in Systems Science.

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