Apr 06, 2016

Quarter Life Crisis and Your Career

  You’re in your twenties and you’re wondering if all your life choices so far have been a complete bust. Sound like you? Welcome to your Quarter Life Crisis.   Here’s the deal: quarter life crisis happens in your... Read more

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Mar 11, 2016

Three Problems Women Face in the Workplace- and Solutions

  Female employees are- and can be- workplace superstars too. However, men and women don’t always get the same treatment in the corporate world. While there are many female CEOs today, many more are having to quit their jobs,... Read more

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Mar 09, 2016
WQ 2

Seven Powerful Quotes by Seven Powerful Women

  We all have our role models and people we want to emulate. Here are quotes from some very hard-working, and very powerful women. They’ve done it all, they’ve seen it all, and their wisdom is worth paying attention... Read more

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Mar 08, 2016

Four Women and their Cool Inventions

  Women’s Day is not just about those 50 percent off sales, or that discount at your local nail salon. It’s about respect and empowerment for women, who have long been struggling to be treated with the same respect... Read more

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Mar 04, 2016
hate job

What to Do When You Hate Your Job: Five Tips

  You hate your job. All you really want to do is dive back into bed, duck under the covers and stay there ’til eternity. But, you have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and really need that salary,... Read more

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Mar 02, 2016

Five Reasons Why Volunteering is Good for Your Resume

  ‘Do you have any volunteering experience?’.   You may have been asked this question in an interview, or seen it in a job application form. And you might be wondering if having volunteering experience on your resume helps... Read more

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Mar 02, 2016

Seven Tips to be Super Productive at Work

  We all know those people who are super productive, and energetic no matter the time of the day. And we’ve all wanted to be like them- even though just watching them work is exhausting. Well, fortunately, super-productivity is... Read more

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Feb 29, 2016

Six Ways to Deal with Sexism at the Workplace

  Sexism is a subtle and common problem present in most workplaces almost everywhere. How does one deal with it? But women are expected to not make a fuss and tolerate it. And when someone does protest, things go... Read more

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Feb 17, 2016

Five Ways to Get Over Imposter Syndrome

  I am a fraud, and I shouldn’t be here….   Has this thought ever run through your head? Have you ever felt like you don’t belong among your clever, intelligent peers? If yes, it could be your Imposter... Read more

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Jan 17, 2016

IT Consulting: Five Things to Consider Before Choosing This

  Been thinking of entering the world of IT Consulting?   You’re either one of two groups: you’ve just graduated and the thought of sitting in an office all day long freaks you out a bit; or you’ve been... Read more

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